Leveling Past 30

A ton of benefits are lost in grinding out missions once you are level 30. It would be nice if you continued to level once you hit 30, but instead of increasing to 31, 32, etc. you get an item when you level up. Similar to the emperor’s gift, but based on experience gained. This would make those experience numbers you see floating away into the ether after every mission feel a LOT better.

You could also have a “prestige” level. It doesn’t even have to do anything, just be bragging rights for someone who has played a lot after hitting level 30 on their character. Or even have some cosmetics behind a “prestige” gate that encourages people to work towards advancing a certain class beyond 30.


Another great feature from vermintide 2 that was scrapped. Another thing the devs failed to learn from. Another reason this game should be negatively reviewed at the moment. There is so much wrong with the game i doubt a much wanted feature like this will be added anytime soon.


So we are talking about adding a meaningless counter and getting an item on level up? Every time you complete a mission on sufficient difficulty level you get enough cash for 1 or 2 items. What’s the difference?

Perception. It “feels” bad to see all those experience points do nothing. It doesn’t really change all that much, but it “feels” better. That’s the difference.


It would be 100 times better to add long-time rewards than just more loot you´ll never touch anyway.
Just let the level counter continue as it was in Vermintide, but without the feature that others see your actual character-level past 30 to prevent from lobby-kicks, because “there is a newcomer with level 32 on board” or something.

  1. But on top they could easily add several achievements like:
  • Class X level 100 grants a well-looking skin for class-related weapons like powersword, forcesword and other stuff. And with well-looking i mean more than just reskins or a handful of marks scrapped onto weapons.

  • All classes level 100 grants a special frame.

  • etc…

  1. And they could make experience a ressource to craft blessings and upgrade them. (Without RNG ofc)
    Or to buy scrolls at the spoiled vendor, which leads to special conditions, more lootchance or even unlock special feats temporary for like 3 missions or so.
    Maybe to reroll the armory for special weapons like “Hey, i´m a good boy, i killed a lot of heretics, now gimme the good stuff i want!”

There are possibilities and it might make the experience perk somehow endgame-worthy.

  1. Maybe make the experience account-wide, so players could use them to level up upcoming classes immediately to level 30.

Just some brainstorming, but there are a bunch of possibilities with more depth than just “more loot”. Not saying it´s bad to have atleast something, but i personally don´t want to deal with a flood of chests or new loot filling my inventory pointlessly. I think any experience after 30 should be used differently and add some kind of “prestige” on a class you might show off through said skins or frames for longtime players or those who just love a class.

Jesus. They DO NOTHING. You could as well be admiring your game time counter on Steam. Enjoy the game for what it is, a nice way to spend some time with friends or strangers, not meaningless counters.

There needs to be some reason to continue to gain XP or have EXP perks on curios. An extra Emperor’s Gift is an option, but based on how many crafting mats it costs to upgrade items I’d rather get a bulk of crafting mats on level up lol

Considering people judge you in this game “at a glance” and determine if you’re good or not by what weapons you have or how much hp you lose in the first fight, which is absurd, having a Prestige system can be a double-edged sword.

That being said, I would love a prestige. I also would have leveled a 5th character (just for fun) if our items was a shared pool/stash. I’m considering doing it for zealot simply because his voice lines are not my flavor.

Why was it soo successful in CoD? I agree with you, the game should be about having fun with it. But for people that want to show something for the time they are enjoying, a prestige system would be nice.

That’s a good point. They could also simply not display your prestige level, while still rewarding you ever level past 30.

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Eh, I suppose implementing this wouldn’t take much of Fatshark’s time :man_shrugging:

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