Feedback after 35+hours ish

Small gameplay feedback as someone who has reached level 30 and getting second character to level 30. Additionally i have also played both vermintides. I do have a pretty good over all game knowledge imo and have played semi competitive in several games though this does of course not translate 1:1 into good or intelligent thought about Darktide but i think to a certain degree it does :shrug:

Also before anything really enjoying the game! So this is not to be a negative nancy but to give some feedback that i feel like would really make the game better

General stuff:

  • If you level 30 once give a BIG xp boost (like 200-300% if not more) for the second time. In my opinion its not super fun leveling again and would prefer to rush it a lot more so i could get to the fun weapons + skills faster. First time is fine but second / third time not really. This is actually whats currently semi keeping me from playing the game and making me not wanting to play it. (When i first had this thought i wanted people to be instant 30 on all other classes but that dream is completely unrealistic even though that would be my perfect world)

  • Make gold character wide. Why not? Dont see a reason not to. Its not like we aint swimming in it nor can it be used on a ton of stuff. Sitting on like 250-something-k+ gold on my main and have several different weapons at level 30 just to try out. So its not like im not spending it.

  • Make unlocks account wide so you can do i.e. Requisitorium from the start. Why not? It seems counter intuitive and would intensifies people to actually play their alts more active early and be able to progress for the later stages of the game faster with their second / third / forth character.

  • Make it easier to find out what symbols / stuff / stats does / are. When i go into my inventory i should be able to see how much health, tough, stamina etc etc etc i have. Also when inspecting weapons i should have a pop up on the side that say what the symbols do. I still have no clue what half the symbols are for. Like what does a “strikedown” do?

    Could probably easily have a small box here that says what the symbols mean. What they then do you can see when you hover your mouse over and you get a small tooltip. Would make it really intuitive!

  • Make endless horde be endless horde of smallies. Currently its all enemies and really sucks. A 3 star mission becomes a 4.5-5. A 4 star becomes 5-5.5. Dont mind it being a bit harder but its insane how hard it can sometimes be. Ran into two Nurgle Slimes in a row both during large hordes and after that several large Demonic Ogryns. We had no bullets, nades or health left for that on a 4 star. Not fun.

  • Make less horde? (cant remember the name of this and no missions up while writing this) be less horde like but more big enemies. In this gamemode you CAN meet two giant dudes back to back but there are less enemies over all and the ones you meet are generally bigger. Currently 3 star becomes like an easy 2 star, 4 star becomes an easy 3 star, 5 star becomes an easy 4 star.

Ogryn Stuff:

  • Positive note. Feels good playing a giant character and love the sound on EVERY weapon “Thunk” most of the time and i love it buuttttt →

  • Ogryn feels really bad on higher levels - and possibly impossible to play on higher levels (4-5 stars) without shield. Only one viable build rest are garbage. You are a bullet sponge which is fine would just like to be a tiny bit tankier? Maybe even bigger % less damage taken from 20%->30%? Or make tough be higher by 20-30%? Dont know the exact fix but it does need someting done.

  • Also back on the shield topic: Ogryn feels AWFUL without shield even at 3 stars. Its just too good and the other weapons too bad. Being forced to wait til level 12 ish before you get it is a slog.

  • Endless cleave? Baseline i feel like Ogryn should always have endless cleave. You are a 3 meters tall mutated muscle mass no shot i cant hit through a pack of tiny puny heretics. Could also buff the melee damage of Ogryn as an option.

  • Range weapons are lackluster. Only two i have really found any love for are the heavy stubber and the grenadier gauntlet. All the other weapons have so far not even been comparable

  • Ogryn should not be permanently CC’ed. It feels really bad being jumped on by a dog 1/10th your side / a net hitting you and your dodge being really bad due to your size. When i am playing my Zealot i.e. i dodge almost every single jump / net. I dont mind the dodge being worse due to size, but atleast make Ogryn less CC able. A single CC might and has killed me several times.

  • Not a big fan of the feat choices / how they are setup. But this is most likely never gonna change as its too big iterations and not going to waste time on this more than saying i dont like some of the choices (unless asked to elaborate)

Keep up the great work! Really enjoying the game and 100% gonna keep playing for now.

Edit1: Forgot an important thing - damage done. I know this was removed to avoid toxicity, but you can add an option to see how much damage YOU as a player did. Not what everyone else did. Im only interested in seeing how I DID. This makes it easier to improve as well.