Some feedback after 30+ hours


So I have been playing a lot of darktide now these few days. I really do like it, and the potential it got, but theres a lot of improvement that is needed.
I want too see this game bigger than just a L4D type of game.

You have all of chaos world too get Demons, lesser demons, bosses and “zombies” from. What im seeing in beta, its just way too repetitive, and it gets boring fast.
More classes, higher levels(up in the hundreds), people like too grind and it gets people to play more. As you level up(way high up), you can get lucky too get rarer missions, perhaps even find a super rare weapon crate, or and item crate, that you could extract.
Cosmetics, EARNING is the way too go, so having the possibility too level high up and show off your hard work is a really good thing. And not just reach a poor guardsman rank, but something really high, that is something the warhammer fans would like.
Missions I would say could get very repetitive the way it is now. 100+ levels you could get a mission very your crew was shot down by drukhari, and you need too escape, and you could see the horrors the drukhari enflict. Or a rescue mission, save high lords from orks. 200+ you could get lucky too get a mission were you got dropped into a warzone, and need to check out the last signal, and the final boss could something of a wounded chaos marine. that would be immensly spectacular.
Same goes for cut scenes, people who really work hard too get to the high levels, gets too see some really cool cutscenes. Everyone is hoping too see an Astartes, one way or another. I bet everyone who has bought darktide, has seen the animation series made by “Astartes”. you should take notice of his work.

Secondary missions, if you complete them, you could get 1 more extra emperors gift, much higher xp than just 350, or other loot. 350 xp is so little and MEANINGLESS too do, give us something to work for. + it takes an item slot.
Why would I spend 10 more minutes in the game looking an item that dosnt give me anything at all. I just get annoyed when my teammates picks up grimoire. I tell them to throw it away, its useless.

Secondry action Primary action, weak spots, its just confusing. Secondery I thought it was melee while using weapon…

If someone in the group gets an emperors gift, I would also like too see it.
I would very much like too see the scoreboard.
The “cocking” of the gun every time I switch back the gun is so freakingly annoying… makes no sense.
The blocking mechanic dosnt “hit reg” sometimes and it feels way too glunky.
The trapper, If someone was solo in the and got into the net, I would say it would be very nice too have the button too cut lose from the net. I think it needs too done.
Same goes for Mutant, like you cant do anything about it really, you need to be able to dodge and somehow escape the grip,“no you cant just DODGE them”. escpially if you play ogryn, please dont make the same mistakes as in your previous games… makes you look lazy.
The hound is just litterally flying around and its almost impossible too hit it… its just an annoying thing in the game, just makes the gameplay look bad.
Ogryn players shouldnt really get staggered as much as the human players.
I had too hit a zombie 6 times with blue devils claw. -.-?_?
The melee hit animation with the Lucius MKlll helbore lasgun is stupidly bad.
Same radio chat when you go through missions gets so irritating, over and over…

Private lobbies
faster mission rotation pref.
customize HUD.

More weapon classes. poor,normal, rare, epic, master crafted, legendary, relic, ancient, soul crafted, holy, devine. and abilities on those rare weapons that makes you REALLY wanna work too get to them. Dont make the guns so repetitive as what I see in the BETA.
The lobby is too quiet, seeing someone blessing the weapons, religous chants, it will give much more wh40k atmosphere and give life too the lobby.
I really do like the aesthetics of the ship(lobby), the details and such. The more is better.

I reached lvl 30 a little bit above 30 hours. And I really hope that you have levels you can reach way above 100.

You have an immense oppurtunity within the WH40K universe here, dont be another cashgrab game.

My writing is not the best, but I hope my words reach you.

The Emperor protects

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They have a lot of work to do just to fix and polish what’s here and get it out the door. For future content we might see 1 class a quarter but I wouldn’t count on it(these things have a tendency to go awry)

Raising the level cap to 100 will not create more content, would be a shallow form of progression and would divide the player base over 100 levels. If you want to keep leveling up then maybe a prestige(level reset) system would be more appropriate. We might see some new game modes introduced later, similar to Vermintide 2.

The scope of introducing new factions would be huge. We might see Genestealer cults as they are similar to Chaos Cults but I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon.

I have a huge Wishlist of 40k things I would like to see in a video-game but they don’t all fit in this game.

Rationality aside, I would love it if they expanded Darktide into an Anthology (similar to Warhammer: Total War) and expanded the scope over the course of many games.
Darktide 2 - Catachans in the Jungle fighting Tyranids. Some more spicy classes like Space Marine Scout or Eldar Ranger.
Darktide 3 - Tau vs Orks.
And roll this content together as it goes to develop an expansive 40k experience.

It’s a pipe dream but I would love to see any movement in that direction.

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I’m just about 25 hours in slowly grinding up a zealot and played the first Beta for about 13 hours (mostly Veteran).

I can agree with a lot of the things from the first post.

And more so with the “secondary” quests. The map is really vast and finding 2-3 little trinkets not worth the time.
It would be better to have more to do while on Missions, like smashing Chaos signs, gathering tomes, finding currency, painting aquillas (in specific Points or as just a cosmetic spray gimik) or saluting/praying to undamaged aquillas just as some examples. Like having multiple things to do to earn more Money (you would need to reduce the Money rewards for Just completing the Mission, it is to much anyways)

If you have a secondary mission from one of those maybe give the player weapons as loot instead of currency, with rarities according to how much of the secondary was fulfilled and how rare the Quest items are on the map.

So If you want to level fast just rush the Mission, but for grinding currency and weapon loot you would need to explore.

This leads to my second point, grinding weapons gets old fast If you can almost only get them from the shop. The secondary quests you should have a chance to get any weapon your class can use, with balanced stats. The Shop is Level bound and that is OK, but so a Level 5 priest may get the first taste of a flamer or hammer before grinding levels to buy it in the shop.

Lastly I would love an option to colour my uniforms, because after a few levels everyone is wearing red. It does not have to bei the full colour wheel, 3 or 4 pre defined colours would be enough to mix and match.

It still is a cool game, with real potential. For continous replayability I think it needs something rewarding to do while following your primary mission and killing everything.


I really disliked the scavenger hunt aspect to tomes and grimoires in VT2, especially since it was necessary to farm them if you wanted decent loot and didn’t want to run Chaos Wastes, and I don’t think it’s better in Darktide. I’d prefer it if there was a Chest of Trials-style secondary objective which, upon completion, dropped items you had to ferry to the end which applied a penalty.

Also, re: OP:

The trapper, If someone was solo in the and got into the net, I would say it would be very nice too have the button too cut lose from the net. I think it needs too done.
Same goes for Mutant, like you cant do anything about it really, you need to be able to dodge and somehow escape the grip,“no you cant just DODGE them”. escpially if you play ogryn, please dont make the same mistakes as in your previous games… makes you look lazy.

This isn’t a mistake. Darktide isn’t a solo game. Even if you’re the only person in the lobby, there are still bots. If a player is off on their own, the game actively spawns specials like that to punish them for it. Stick with the group, and you should be fine.

As for Ogryns, you absolutely can dodge nets and hounds. Mutants are harder, but you have the ability to counter-charge them, which is not something any other class can do.

well disagreee withthe majority of the changes your asking for especially the nerfing of all disables and weapon swap times.
do definitely agree with the secondaries they are complete , well lets be fair, trash . stay together to get coherancy and not get picked off but also search every far dark corner to end up missing 1.3 and get basically nothing for doubling your time, yeah pass on that

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I got lots of game crashes whenever I join a mission that is already started.

Sure it isnt solo, but it sure can be skill based. Yes I know you can dodge the nets, hounds and mutant charge. but as I said, when you get trapped in the net, you should have the possibility too escape it somehow, with a knife or you really fast at clicking ur damn buttons. And as I said with the “especially ogryn” when it comes to being GRIPPED by the mutant, an ogryn should have the possibility too escape it. Several times now, someone in my group got into a loop with the mutant in the stairs, thats why it should be possibility for the ogryn too escape teh grip imo due to its size.

Gun already reloaded and cocked. Why is it needed too be cocked everytime ?

The reason you can’t get free on your own is that they want you to be working with your teammates. Sometimes you’re going to get caught; it’s going to happen, and when it does your teammates need to save you. Same thing the other way around. Making it possible to free yourself completely defeats the point of immobilizing specials. Best case scenario, they’re no longer a threat; worse-case scenario teammates start leaving you under the expectation that you’ll free yourself.

You don’t have to like it, but it’s not a “mistake” or a problem with the design, any more than the level cap not being over 100 or the number of weapon rarities not being twice as large are.


Secondary missions could be better. I’m only doing them for weekly challenges and leveling up.

I don’t agree with your nerfs to specials. I think you ought to work on positioning and horde management and using your full kit for tense moments. I don’t think there’s a problem there. Yes it is possible to dodge the mutant as an ogryn. Step away and do the dance. Slap the hound with your melee, the dog is not that scary.

And the comments you made about reaching levels 200+ and adding more weapon rarities (which honestly, what is even the point of rarities beyond 5 rarities) would be detrimental to the game. The game is a casual 4 player coop game. It’s a niche experience that’s been carefully refined. It’s a repetitive game, but how you play the game makes it new every single time. Literally nothing else on the market is quite like what Fatshark has made. It’s not a looter shooter. It’s not an MMORPG with daily chores. It’s not even Deep Rock Galactic.


well they just re used that animation to save money at a guess.
but the point is they added weight to weapons which gives some weapons a delay to equip i like it because it gives them the lattitude to make some weapons just plane nuts , like the boltgun if it fast swapped like the las pistol it would have to be nerfered down to the same base as anything else.

the ready time pays for the extra stats balance wise.

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