Hitting Level 30

At the current state of the game, level 30 feels like a death sentence to characters, here are some points I’d like to bring attention to:

1- match making is broken for my 2 level 30 characters, it’s extremely difficult to find anyone on quick play (and there is no server browser, why?), and playing with bots is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy on the higher difficulties.

2- loot, and weekly mission are not shared, even though there is no real reason to why not, didn’t I spend my time to collect all of this extremely random loot? didn’t I search every nook and cranny of every mission to collect my crafting materials? why is it not shared? if your concern is that it would ruin my leveling experience for my other characters, then make everything shared once my character hits level 30, the grind is insane.

3- no end game progression system, other than penances, which is honestly a stretch to call it that.

4- for some godforsaken reason, my loot rating is stuck (370-400), have been for a while, and with the previous point in mind, what the hell am I doing? where is the satisfaction in any of this?

5- I have 110+ hours in this game already, if this was vermintide, I would already be geared up and looking for reds or collecting cosmetics, but no, I’m stuck at the same place, and struggling to even find a match.

6- why is the level capped at 30? why can’t we have a system similar to vermintide 1? when we hit level 30 with a character we should be able to go beyond, and start leveling up to whatever, and make this “beyond 30 leveling” account wide, so the experience gained by every character that reaches level 30 is contributing to the same pool.

7- the scoreboard is not a thing, I never appreciated it that much in vermintide, but also I don’t see why is it considered toxic by the devs, the amount of toxic behavior generated by the scoreboard is laughably low, and now I see it was a nice way to get a “reward” for good performance and to test builds in the field, and it annoys that it’s gone.

Tell me what you think, and what do you agree/disagree on? do you have any points to add?


I’ve now put 150h into the game, and can safely say that this is not a finished game. The polishing part is one of the most time consuming parts and it seems like they just started that part.

1- im guessing you play on heresy and damnation in that case. Malice and below are pretty much instant full group. Had some weird occurances on Malice when i played the whole mission with only one other player.

2- Loot should definately be shared, this just discourages you from playing you other characters at all. Since you will effectivly lose out materials etc for your (at least currently) main character. Its weird because they will lose out in it, played another game years back where these things werent shared either. So when they introduced new characters, few people bought them cause they were focused on their main :D.

4- You will get most of your upgrades from Emperor rewards or from upgrading a white 370+ rating weapon in the shop.

105 hours in the game with two lvl 30 characters.

  1. Since my pc doesnt really allow to properly play diff 4 and 5, i mainly play diff 3 and have no problems finding matches with either my lvl 30 guys or my two other low level ones. Considering that a significant bunch of high level players are speedrunning diff 1 for progress and another part only plays diff 4 and 5 with a group because randoms are too risky, it doesnt surprise me if you have problems finding people on those difficulties.

  2. Resources should be account wide, thats for sure, but i dont see the reason for loot being account wide.

  3. Yes, endgame is missing. The current endgame ends in reaching the highest powerlevel with full orange equip, but it should be farming red items, like it was in both Vermintide games. I assume all of that comes later, which i dont really complaint about because i can take my time leveling, progressing and farming Perks and Traits.

  4. If you reach 30 the market powerlevel will stagnate. You get your next upgrades either through the contract shop of through emperors gifts. You should be able to reach around powerlevel 520.

  5. Yep, but apparently reds arent in the game yet and playing higher difficulties isnt really worth it because the powerlevel of gift drops seem to be based on your character level instead of difficulty, which is one of the reasons why high level people are speedrunning diff 1 to get as much gifts as fast as possible.

  6. I dont understand the lack of prestige levels either, but i assume they are also coming eventually, since you still get exp when lvl 30 and thats an obvious oversight they should be aware of. Considering that you got gifts on every level up in the closed beta its safe to assume that plans were made and maybe changed and have now to be re-evaluated.

  7. Dont care about the scoreboard but apparently they are working on one that is focused on teamplay.

The game is certainly not finished and who knows why Fatshark didnt make it Early Access. Who knows why Fatshark chose any of the decisions they made with the game? They will most likely not tell us.

Regarding he first point, sadly I have been unable to play heresy and damnation since the beta, only found one player, and he was doing a penance, called me names and left.

now the weapon upgrading part, I upgraded a few weapons to purple, their rating around 420, but still, the items i get in the shop are never improving.

I don’t what it is going on with my account, I made a few posts about it, but seems like i will have to wait for a while.

Ye the highest rating i’ve seen has been a blue at 429. But the most important part is the items modifiers when it comes to rating, since thats its biggest chunk. Atm we cant change blessings and perks but once that is in the game we can raise it further. An item with modifiers at 370+ is what i would consider a godroll. Highest i’ve gotten so far is a sword with 380 modifiers. So you are pretty much at the highest already, just gotta look for those gems in store.

Totally agree with pp 2, 3, 6, 7.
I think p4 is working “as intended”.
Regarding p1 - are you sure you’re not from some godforsaken desert.
My games (day or night) are usually full with players and there’re quite few runs with bots. I play D3 mostly though.
I don’t think there’re reds in V2 on launch (might be wrong).

Regarding point #1… are you guys on Steam or Gamepass? I’m currently facing the same issue on gamepass and I figured it was a server population issue.

Are you talking about the base modifier? Is that what you mean?

I totally agree with your points here, I have the same impressions as well. The game is obviously far from a finished product, and ever since I’ve hit lvl30 with my Sharpshooter, I’ve also hit an obvious wall with nothing beyond it, just an empty void. Apart from the gold and mats, there’s literally zero loot drop from missions. Throughout my leveling from 1-30, I’ve literally seen 4 drops tops. And the RnG and Contract shop so far only offers totally useless items, since at the moment there’s basically 1 useful weapon set per class, and the rest feels like a cheap placeholder. 84 hours, 84 hours of totally unrewarding, and unsatisfying chore labeled under the name of leveling, that’s all the game has to offer right now. I still can’t fathom nor comprehend why FS had to reverse, and remove everything which made VT2 a great game, instead of building on that foundation and make DT even better right from the start. This game clearly wasn’t ready for release, they just pushed it out since xmas is coming, and they needed the funds. Thanks to Game Pass that I didn’t had to waste any significant value on this title, and maybe (or hopefully) 6+ months from now they’ll be able to breathe some heart and soul into this game, which is clearly missing at the moment.