XP pointless at level 30. Emperors gift prestige

After hitting level 30 there is no benefit at all to XP. It just funnels into the void and serves no purpose. Something cool would be having prestiege level or something that rewards you with an emperors gift item each time you fill the xp bar again at level 30. It would also have to be useful so blue quality or higher with lower chances for epic or even maybe master crafted. It would give XP a purpose even at max level and also make the + experience % on curios not a dead stat at max level


yet another feature that is in vermintide 2 that is just somehow missing from this game

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To be fair, it could be planned for release and just not in the beta yet, but felt the need to make a post highlighting it as a current problem


Agreed, at this point once I’m maxed, I’ll literally log into a level 30 for the weekly and not touch the game again until the next week, since the shop doesn’t seem to carry golds.

Important for the long-term player count to give folks something to come back for, and for a lot of people that shiny ‘ding’ of a new weapon/gear per bar would be that.