Level 30+ Level ups should provide a guaranteed Emperor's Gift

What it says on the tin, currently you don’t get anything for continuing to play a character above Level 30, just recommending a system similar to VT2’s where you are at least given a meager loot reward for each time you earn enough Exp to have gone from 29 to 30 again.


100% I understand not giving loot boxes after every run but after 30 or on tier 4/5 we should get ONE item. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

or maybe some melk token (whatever is the name of the currency you get from the weekly missions)? so you can keep maining one caracter if you wish without feeling bound to the missions, getting like 30 additional token per mission for example.

The game’s reward system must be broken.
It’s stingy af.
Also by design though when I see that the good stuff is tied to weekly chores.


Makes you wonder what kind of monetization they will release in a week.


crafting system isn’t in yet. I’m assuming there will be more to the rewards then what we see so far

The weekly shop needs a conceptual rework though. A psyker has an absolutely miniscule chance once per day to roll a good staff.

Also other than legendary curios it feels like the emperor’s gifts give purples at low levels and white at 30. Across 90ish wins.

Replying for visibility. I really don’t understand why they took out the commendation chests.
It was a simple way in V2 to get guaranteed chests with every levelup.

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