Emperor's Gifts RNG Change

Currently, the emperor’s gifts seem to be tied to pure RNG. While sometimes you get lucky, I’ve gone days between earning gifts, which frankly feels terrible. While I know that gifts are usually junk, it’s still nice to have a chance at getting something decent.

What I propose is instead of having it based off solely RNG, once you hit 30, you should get a bar that fills up based off experience gained, and once it’s full, you get a gift. This solves a few issues at the same time.

  1. By tying it to experience, it incentivizes level 30 groups to complete secondary objectives and mission modifiers instead of just running level 3s missions to get more materials.

  2. It gives a purpose to +experience % modifiers which at present instantly become worthless once you hit 30.

  3. It gives players something visible that they can regularly look forward to earning instead of relying on RNGsus to bless you with gifts.

If you could consider changing it, I think it would be a worthwhile change and help improve an already amazing game.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


they need to just bring back warchests and getting rewarded for performance.


This, give me a reason to want to do levels outside of just grinding out resource materials


Bring VT2 endgame chest reward, thus making grims and scriptures worth grabbing and make monstrosities drop something as well that will affect the quality of the chest reward.

Most of the times i got grey weapons as the emperors gift, as a lvl 30…but the last 3 times i got legendary curios….but still, an endgame chest reward would be nice.


Just jumping in here to inform about a big part of the itemization of this game that gets overlooked a lot. The junk items can be upgraded using the tech priest station now. If you have a (relatively) high rating base this can be very good and with a bit of luck you can upgrade it to your highest rating item. Food for thought.

VT2 has the same exact system. You can craft grey items(weapons and trinkets) and upgrade them all the way to legendary. Also reroll perks and blessings. Thats beside the point.

Upgrading an item to legendary costs a nice chunk of mats.

What’s wrong with getting a chest at the end of a mission ? You dont like what you get in the chest ? Either sell for dockets or dismantle for mats (would be a nice feature)

Add alternate rewards to secondary quests like additional crafting mats, guaranteed Emperor’s gift, contract currencies or shop refreshes.


VT2 has the same exact system. You can craft grey items(weapons and trinkets) and upgrade them all the way to legendary. Also reroll perks and blessings. Thats beside the point.

It’s not the same, your weapons here have a range of ratings and as of right now you are not guaranteed to get the highest rating weapons. If you get a high rating base for a weapon you like it has value now, whereas before it had almost none.

I’m not opposed to the idea of chests like in VT2 btw just trying to inform people about the new system, don’t throw away high rating low quality weapons people!

Power seems to be capped by rarities. On my 60 hour level 30 veteran I’ve only ever seen a blue with more than 400 rating in the shop once. Grey items are worse.


Weapons have a base rating (which can only be easily seen on greys) composed of their stat budget, and their total rating includes any other abilities they have. Upgrading them at the blacksmith will give them additional affects and corresponding rating increases. Bars are rather uninformative to a high rating gray(meaning high stat budget) is a good way to get a strong item to upgrade.

The rating itself does nothing, unlike VT.

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I dont know how feel about it. I’ve gotten 2 legendary cuiro from it so ayy, but like it feels weird af that i can go 10+ and get nothing

IMO: You should get a lot of white weapons so you can test them.

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not good food for thought becuase those garbage greys/greens cost materials to upgrade and those materials currently are pretty bothersome to come by in the massive amounts required to upgrade weapons beyond blue.

Honestly? This is good. I’d take it over VT2 system just for some fresh change.

The crafting system or the gear score?
If its crafting fair, but we only have literally 1 part.

Gear score…Man idk how you could like that 90% of the weapons are just straight up garbage and you have wait an hour to pray you get a decent weapon or even the weapon you want to use.