Emperor's GIft needs to be at least 50/50 or 100% at mission completion

It just feels terrible to get a Emperor’s GIft after your 10th seccseful mission only to be white trash tier :confused:
Other 9 missions you don’t get anything… So even if I get something it’s like… yeah… whatever… f*** that.

Make Emperor’s GIft more rewarding and more common



I would forward that the Emperor’s Gift would either have to be one or the other.

More rewarding vs. More Common



Yeah…it feels wrong.
Collecting the Grims feels so unrewarding when the only “Reward” is a bit of Money and a bit of Exp.
Getting a better Chest for how you performed was one of the most fun things in Vermintide for me.


I have to admit that I don’t really understand why they changed a working formula. Right now the progression system and reward system feels empty and not rewarding.

I’ve only reached lvl 10 with a Zealot but I miss the crafting system from Vermintide 2, chest system and everything else around it.

I don’t know if it’s a Beta thing and that we’ll have something more in depth at release but right now it feels barebone and the leveling feels more like a grind because of the lack of reward and low drop.

+1 on this topic. emperors gift should be at MOST every 3 successful missions. 10 is too many and getting things from vender every hour makes the grind a bit too much

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Yes it should be 100% and imagine if you could select 1 out of 3 or 4 items (Dawn of War 2 style).
Maybe not that useful on lvl 30, but it would encourage wpn experimentation while you are leveling. I’ve already heard too many ppl hoard their dockets and do not try out too many weapons with the current system.

100% Drop chance and a GUARANTEED Quality improvement for every boss killed and secondary objective achieved.

So, getting a grey would be guaranteed with smaller and smaller chances for getting green, blue, purple and finally orange.

However, if you kill 2 bosses, you’re guaranteed a blue and also have a higher chance for purple and orange. If oyu also collect both grimoires, it’s a purple.

If you get 3 bosses and collect all scriptures, its guaranteed to be master crafted.

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Anything would be better than the current system. Pure RNG just feels awful. I went 5 days without an emperor’s gift, not that it really mattered because it was low-rating grey garbage.

rather than after each mission I owuld say after each level (by keepiing level progression above 30 like in Vtide) and have it be at least green and mostly blue+

They should just add back in the constant leveling system from Vermintide 2 and reward the Emperors gift every level up.

I think the best middleground is increase the base chance for leveling to 30, then add an infinite level up at level 30 with a set xp that each time u fill the xp bar u get an emperors gift. Makes it more determinate how you get a gift and gives xp at max level a purpose so its not wasted. Also incentivizes doing higher difficulties cos higher difficulty = more xp = quicker bar fill = quicker gifts

Great minds think a like. I recently made a post proposing a similar change. Emperor's Gifts RNG Change


Getting level appropriate weapons would be nice, I’ve had several that had a worse rating than my current gear.

I’d like them to be more common. Getting more weapons would result in me trying out more weapons while levelling a class, compared to the current loop of finding a weapon I like early on and then sitting on my Dockets until a better version of it shows up in the shop.

Emperor gift should at minimum give a common weapon so we can test new weapons.

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