A Buff to "Gift from the Emperor" rate

Currently 50 hours in Darktide and i have only received an end of match gift once, i may have bad RNG but even so my “gift” was a Salvaged knife

Would be awesome to see a buff to how often it happens or an explanation on how that system works (if its based on performance and so on)

As of right now me and all i play with do not see this as a working system for getting gear and would be amazing if it could be looked at :slight_smile:


+1 for this. Gearing isn’t terrible per-se but a better and different chance at acquiring gear would simply be an improvement.


Emperor gifted me a grey well below my current weapon. Tells me I was doing something wrong, I guess. :frowning:



Heh, yeah - Gifts from the Emperor are pretty rare. . . I don’t think I’ve ever kept one, can you break them for crafting supplies now?


I’m worried that Fat Sharks being stingy with handing out free items because they’re planning to sell us those crafting supplies. At least, that would explain why it’s oddly rare you ever receive an Emperor’s Gift.

Hopefully this isn’t the case, but it makes me wonder. o_o

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Wouldn’t mind a buff it its quality either. I’m getting an awful lot of greys.


Rate and lowest quality should be increased, out of my 5 gifts (60+ hours play time so far) I’ve kept One.


Yeah its completely RNG I have 86 hours and ive had
Grey: 5
Blue: 2
Purple: 1

My friend who has 56 hours has gotten
Grey: 9
Blue: 1
Purple: 8
Orange: 1

Hes naturally very lucky in games though and im relatively unlucky compared.


You should get an emperor’s gift for every single completed run, especially once you reach lvl 30. The loot roll should increase with secondary objectives and we should have much more engaging things like loot die dropping from bosses and mini-bosses in a level.

I seem to remember there was this game called Vermintide that did this quite well.


Update to this post

I just received my second gift since playing at 60 hours played
again a salvaged grey item
Can there be a stacking chance to receive one (odds get higher each time it doesn’t happen)

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I’ve got :
1 blue
1 green
18 gray

65 hours in btw


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Agree… or better yet Replace/Remove the existing RNG system.

Chests in VT2 were awesome as they could cross characters and rewarded various difficulties with improved drop rates as well as Mission Performance would dictate it’s value… what is in palce just feels… lazy/weak.

If nothing else, I’d love to see at least something like a Pickup (Like a Scripture) which is a “Gift of the Emperor” (weapon crate, held over shoulder) … with all sub mission options there will always be at least one person with an “open” utility slot to carry something… make it so the reward is earned, more than “lucked” by carrying this item to the end of the mission (at expense of a utility). [I think Back4Blood does something like this now in one of the alter updates?]

… or like… go back to VT2 because its worked great for how many years?

or at LEAST guarantee a drop per run (could be conditional on 4 players alive or something) so the ‘trash’ can be forgiven and sold without it being a soul crushing “lucky trash get”… reduce sell prices if that’s a concern, I don’t think anyone relies on these drops to supply their ducats.

Either way, +1 to the garbage which is in place now, even if you luck out and get a drop, it’s like… always salvaged or useless.

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It would be nice if we got it every game and could choose 1 out of 3 or 4. To make sure you get the new wpns not rng/store based. Might be specailly good for new players/chars.

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+1 for this post as well. Vermintide 2’s system worked great, and rewarding players who go the extra mile to pick up grimoires, for instance, would incentivize players to always get them. instead of people who find them just to destroy them to avoid the health debuff

You Guys need to check the stats not rarity. the better stats, u wanna keep those. u can upgrade later!

Dont get blended by Perks aand all, that can be changed aswell!

There should be gear after each mission IMO.

i would guess the average is 1 in 5 maps is a empy spawn, v2 had 3 drops per game atleast,

should be closer to 50/50 imo