Emperor's Gifts should only give blue+ items

Given that they are so rare (not sure why, to be honest), I think it would be more fun if they were at least guaranteed to give you something good. It’s quite disheartening to finally get a drop and have it be a white item.


But it will fit nicely beside all the other white lasguns.

Yeah, I’ve only gotten one good item from Emperor’s Gifts in 50 hours, and it was a 260 power purple shotgun that I replaced pretty quick. I think I’ve gotten like 6 gifts, and 4 of them were grey and 50 - 100 power weaker than current gear, let alone that they’re mostly items I don’t want to use.

Don’t salvage weapons that rolled with good baseline traits or modifiers

Even if they’re low level

For example, if you get a white deflector force sword, with the crafting system it’s very likely you will be able to reroll that into good gear

Also i’d suggest not salvaging at all at the moment, because chances are salvaging gear will net you materials once the crafting system is live