Please. I'm begging. Stop giving me autoguns as Emperor's gift. Please

Across my Zealot, Psyker, and Sharpshooter I believe 90% of my Emperor’s Gifts have been autoguns. With 220 hours in this game, it’s a LOT of autoguns. It’s not fun. I even like the autoguns. A chainsword would be nice. Or a lasgun. Please.


Sounds like the Emperor has been kind to you. And in return you give him nothing but Sedition! Heresy! Heresy I say!


Maybe the blessed Emperor should give him another autogun. That’ll teach him.


I have a theory that there is some kind of algorithm in place that will make sure that the emperors gift will give you weapons from the weapon pool you use the least.

So in a lot of players cases, that will be autoguns.

I probably have 40 autoguns spread across three characters, and i only bought two of them, the rest are from emperors gifts, also keep getting catachan swords and heavy swords, got about 20 of them altogether, never bought a single one that i can remember. Never used the catachan sword after i got better options, and only used the heavy sword twice.

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I think it’s more likely that there are 3 types of autoguns with 3 variations each and every one of them is available to the three normal human classes. If you group the braced, headhunter, and infantry autoguns all together, they’re just the most common type of gun.

Then you have 3 types of pistols with 1 variation each, a shotgun, and the 3 variations of the infantry and recon (except for zealot) lasguns.

Most of the weapons people want only have a single variation, and the weapons with multiple variations usually have a “best” version. The chances of a psyker getting any force staff is still just very low compared to them getting a gun. The chances of a sharpshooter gettng a bolter is even lower.

And this doesn’t even include melee weapons, with all of the different generic axes and swords.

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Send me your autoguns.

Because I’m not getting a damned thing.