Can we maybe have a selection of rewards to choose from at the end of missions?

When one is rewarded, that is. I’ve been working on my Psyker, and every ‘Reward from the Emperor’ I’ve gotten has been a rifle; something completely useless to me now that I’ve finally gotten a decent staff. At least give me a choice of one of three rewards for good work, and let me choose the one that’s more useful, or if not, give a more class specific reward, like staves for Psykers, Ogryn weapons to Ogryns, and so on. It seems weird to be getting all this Veteran based equipment for my Psyker. Not even getting any melee weapons, which I could at least use.

Hopefully the crafting system “coming soon” will allow you to break down the unwanted materials to make what you’d like to play with.

I can see how a new user, or casual player would like these options, but it may conflict with dedicated players, who plan on playing 1000’s of hours.

Having to decide on 3 after each mission maybe fun at first. But once you have every weapon in the game and have tried every build, it just becomes another screen you want to skip.

I think the chance of a weapon at the end is fine. But I had a friend with bad RNG for 2 WEEKS and just got his first bolter this weekend, he would check the shop after each mission, it became comical how bad his luck was.

I really hope the crafting system will fix these issues.

The Crafting System as proposed is only for modifying the Weapons and Curios you already have. Unless FS changes their mind, the Player won’t be able to craft a Weapon of a specific Type.

All I’m talking about is for the ‘Reward from the Emperor’ you get sometimes at the end of a mission. The free weapon they give. I would like to have a choice of three so you can choose one you might actually use, or to have it just be a class specific one. I already made my thread on the shop RNG and how ludicrous it is. xD

Even with the concept of breaking down a weapon for the perks/blessings, having three to choose from might land you with a really good one you want on a weapon you don’t at least, so you could extract it. Getting a weapon you can’t use with perks that don’t matter because you can’t use it is completely pointless.

Even a random guaranteed reward would be better than sometimes getting nothing at all.

The system on VT2 which rewarded you for doing full book runs was good enough, at least rewarded good gameplay.

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What he’s talking about is the function of disassembly.

They said players would be able to disassemble weapons and curios for either perks or Blessings; not sure which. Then they would be able to replace an existing one on a weapon they liked with the new one, allowing players to slowly ‘build’ a better weapon by manipulating those stats.

I don’t think they should add this, it will become taxing just to choose after a while.

The biggest Problem with this, as pointed out a lot in these Forums, is that the Player has no way of influencing a Weapon’s Base Rating and Stats. So a 40% Damage Weapon will still be weak even after replacing the Perks and Blessings.

You think it would be exhausting to click a button once? o.o