Do grims/scrips contribute to better Emperor’s Gifts or not?

Question for the devs or anyone familiar with the inner workings of Darktide, e.g. modders. Originally seen here: Patch #4 - Blessings of the Omnissiah - #51 by HankJW

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I don’t believe so.

I suggested back in the day that the Emporer’s Gift rng scale off the total exp you got for the mission - that would make tomes/grimoires/conditions valuable and turn curio +xp into +magic find at high levels. But to my knowledge, it’s just pure RNG based on the level of the mission.



The only reason to pick them up is for weekly quests.
I would appreciate Grims granting some extra Plasteel, people would probably pick them up more then.
Back when, there were also side missions to kill specific enemies, or find relics or some such.
There clearly was a plan for more side missions, but books is all we have, and maybe the rewards are equally unfinished and we’ve yet to see more.

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There’s no in-game feedback about it and with the layers of RNG in an item, polling data is a pain.

I guess I thought patch #4 caused them to increase the chances of getting a decent emperor’s gift but I went back and reread the patch notes, nope, only conditions do that. Grims/scripts just give ordo dockets and XP, I’m never picking up another one now even with a free inventory slot. That’s colossally stupid, why is FS so afraid of adding stakes to the game?

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