Suggestion: Grimoire Rewards

Grimoires are woefully underpowered in Darktide. In VT2, they were weaker on the downside -they did a set amount of curse that did not increase over time as it does now (I do enjoy that thematic bit though. Very in-setting and I hope it doesn’t change)- and stronger in their benefits. Now, they just give a few more dockets, not really a big deal at all, while in VT2, they provided a MUCH better class of lootbox. The difference between a commoner’s vault and an emperor’s vault was a much bigger boost than a handful of extra dockets, as many as I get for scrapping a low-level grey item.

Grims, well, and tomes, of course, that is to say “full book runs” were an integral part of obtaining red level items. Now grims do a lot worse curse damage in a game where low health is even less viable and they give a pittance of reward. They will pretty quickly become an unused element of the game. Already, across my several play groups, the weekly contracts for grims are just an auto-reroll (along with map-specific challenges) and an auto-skip on any map where we do encounter them; we don’t do them anymore as they are simply not worth the effort.

I’m not sure what all is planned for the Relic-level weapon grind (or if such weapons are even planned at all but a shrewd reject notices a conspicuous space above “master-crafted” for such things to occupy) but having them play into that end-game experience in some big way would help to improve their relevance vastly.


What, you don’t think 20% more rewards is equal to 250% chance of failure?

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