Grimoire and Tomes

Can they be made meaningful like in vermintide 2?

They should be on every map and they should affect the rewards directly. Maybe the quality of the reward or even how many items you get after a match. By doing this it might give a reason for people to look around and collect plasteel and diamantine while searching for the precious books.

You want to speed run or you want more or better loot?

Currently they are not on every map and they give a LITTLE bit more ordos.


idk kinda like that they don’t inpact anything.
Don’t get me wrong it was great for farming gear in V2 but no reds in DT makes it meaningless
And when u come to a point and got everything u want and stopped opening chests but still “had to have” curse res in your build when running legend.
Loved cata because no one was botherd picking up about books.


I mean nothing forces you to pick them up, but the vast majority of players would actually search for them picking up plasteel and diamantine at the same time. If you want to simply rush through the mission, it’s your choice. But currently they are extremely pointless and could be removed from the game.

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I don’t like grims at all. PUBS picking it up on damnation and auric kinda sucks. Especially when people are dying and barely scrapping by.

Maybe if grims only corrupted the bearer.

Compared to VT2 I found they were also just more fun to acquire. More puzzles, jumping puzzles, always the same place.

I actually like just focusing on the game vs looking for stuff. When playing staff psyker I don’t care about ammo or grenades so I barely even look around for crafting stuff either.

I would be fine if they were locked behind optional challenges. Unleashing some upgraded monster or something. Or Roboquest/Gunfire Reborn style “corruption challenge” rooms. Optional paths or doors to side track into.

Maybe once we get red items. As they are now the extra challenge of grims isn’t worth the emperors gifts. Crafting needs to be a lot better.


I’d be happy to get 2-3 extra items at the end of the match for collecting the books.

What about partial? 1 grim and 1-2 tomes?

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Books should give a fat plasteel boost per map or better per X number of books you get an iteam which allows you to a free reroll on a locked perk / blessing. Suddenly everyone would actually care*

  • except Fatshark designers who think gambling is good game design.

The secondary missions with the books is apparently meant to affect the quality of the Emperor’s gift, but you wouldn’t know it because there’s no feedback whatsoever about it and how they’ve implemented their RNG.


I don’t mind them for the extra challenge, but a lot of people hate that, and that causes friction in runs when you’ve got two wannabe alphas on the team.

If they served some useful purpose outside of weeklies I think more people would be open to collecting them.


Honestly I think books are an unfun mechanic at their core so I’m glad they’re irrelevant enough that most people don’t bother with them. For low HP characters speccing your curios to offset them is a big deal and frankly I’m glad I don’t feel compelled to run such curios because I’m slapping the QP button. Like I’m happy to run with them if people ask but for me the game is unambiguously better with them being ignored and no amount of extra rewards would make me feel differently about it.


They should up the rewards. People in this game dont care about damage taken at all anymore and play really sloppy and frankly just bad. They get carried by stats and perks and not their gameplay. If they had to play with 2 grims every run they might be inclined to learn to play.

Honestly, I get annoyed when people pickup those wastes of space. a few scriptures is fine, but a Grimoire can kill an entire run. And for what a small amount of money and completing a tedious mission from Milk? They could be removed from the game in their current state and it would be a net positive.

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Meh, I did not like them in VT2 and I don’t care for them in DT.

It’s not a fun mechanic.

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That’s what I think, either make them relevant or remove them.

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I don’t want them to be relevant. It’s an unfun mechanic that makes the group bicker with each other.

If they become relevant then it will be even a worse battle between the ones who want them and the ones who want a smoother run.

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I think they should reward Aquilas.

Doesn’t have to be a lot, but it would be cool if you could earn a cool hat or fancy pants once in a while. Gives people something to work toward, keep them engaged in the game. Probably earn more money in the long run by just keeping the player based engaged.


Honestly I don’t care what they award, just something more than what they currently give because I ignore Grimoires completely, and scriptures I only take if there is nothing else that needs to be carried.

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They should totally just add reds and make auric crazier end game

As much as I’m for making grims/tomes work more like VT2, I doubt FS has much intention of doing so. They’d have to add hidden spaces to every map for a feature that clearly has mixed favor amongst the community.

Pretty unrewarding right now, the weekly challenge for grim collection is the hardest in the game – one of the only ones where in order to complete it, you have to go out of your way and can’t quickplay.

As much as pubs search stages for diamantine/plasteel, nobody is scouring every corner looking for the only two grims that spawn on a map.

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I dont even notice if its a side objective while playing anymore.

But I will say Vermintide does have (more or less) established routes to get books and grims and this makes exploring other parts of the map inefficient.

For Darktide, I like and welcome the change and do agree they should be in every map for every mission, but not in the same location.

My solution to add the books? Put the tomes where the diamantine or plasteel is located, at random and have the grims be dropped from Bosses.

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