Grimore's Community Challenge?

How about organizing a Grimoire event to clear the Helmgard area of ​​the curse? :smiley:

How about rewarding people for making full book runs a little bit more in general? How about unlocking keep decorations/portrait frames for full book runs? Going a bit off topic: how about reworking and bringing back talents which gave benefits when the team had a grim?

Honestly adding further rewards to book runs is probably a bad idea because it will just make people tilt even harder when some poor sap dies on accident or screws up. That´s already a thing even if they arent carrying books, particularly in higher difficulties.

Imaging you are in a lobby with a host grinding full book run rewards and ingame you end up carrying a grim which you then lose near the end. A silent assassin jumps through a horde lands on you just as a few monks come in and you just evaporate or whatever.

Then the host just tilts and quits because he isnt getting his full book reward anyway so “staying would be a waste of time”. Or lobbies of people kicking randoms joining them based on their picks because “they dont fit with our comp”.

I can see this happening and i´d really rather avoid it, and lets not forget that it´d be a huge source of arguments on cata with some people wanting books and others just wanting to clear. (Not using curse resistance)

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I play solo, and for maximum effect I always collect all the books - and even try to open all the chests to find more loot dices. I have never seen anyone take care of this besides me, whereas in V1 I always use the Luckstone for it.

Still, however, I would very much like to receive a bonus for completing all my maps from START to FINISH. Keep in mind that for the same time a clever random will be able to harvest rewards even from three mapss, and this is unfair.

I of course never lose Grims being an elegant elf and all. And I of course didn’t accidentally throw away a grim while tossing a grenade at the end of the map while going into the bubble today. That never happens…

Yea, I don’t like the idea of Grims being tied to talents. Wouldn’t mind an event around Grims tho.

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There are many deeds in the game. These Deed scrolls offer different quests and requests. Special things are also being done to increase its level to make these tasks difficult, I think everyone knows.

I think it would be fantastic both to comply with the Warhammer universe and to try to destroy the Grimoire books in accordance with the story and to slow or stop the Chaos in this war for Helmgard.

It’s a challenge, after all. These kinds of challenges will also bring people in the champion and Legend class to the game. Having good items can allow them to play more competitive in the future. :slight_smile:

you could simply pick a different talent?
My idea would be that by default it gives a minor bonus without it that increases while having a grim on the team.
Example on the old Shade grim talent : 5% power bonus by default, and an additional 10% while having a grim.
Obviously you would had to compensate this by offering good talents at the same tier because on certain game modes (Weaves, Fortunes of War) it wouldn’t be that much appealing.
The idea is to motivate people more to take books, goes without saying that they would take books on Cata more if the reward would be better.

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