An idea and Feedback for a change to scriptures and grimoires

This is directed at Fatshark as some feedback on Scriptures and Grimoires.

I and a bunch of my friends have encountered most people don’t look for or just plain ignore scrips and grims in Darktide.

Why? Best reason we can come up with is to most people the extra bit of money they are worth does not outweigh the sheer amount of extra time it takes to search for them. As well as the added difficulty too in the case of grims. So if Sire Melk doesn’t want them they don’t have much value.

This is fine sometimes as I don’t expect everyone to always be after books.

There have been times though where I and my friends have been yelled at for looking for books because “they are not worth the time.” To be honest I tend to agree. I am sure that there will be more to spend Ordos on in the future. But I am not sure that will make books any more valuable over just completing the mission in half as much time.

Now what I suggest is at the end of the mission and books we collected instead of giving us money, put them into a counter same as your crafting recourses and Ordos. Then add a section in the Hub that is an Archivum.

In the Archivum you can then trade your books for a selection of things:
Ordo Dockets
Crafting Supplies
Random Weapon of select quality or above (I would recommend Blue)
Random Curio of select quality or above (Once again Blue)
Unique Cosmetics only available from this shop.
Blessing Unlocks (as an alternative to destroying a weapon for the Rank 3-4 blessing in crafting.)

(I recommend that trading books for weapons and such that the stats be weighted so that you are more likely to get better stats and blessings. Otherwise it would just be the Ordo shop but with books.)

This I think would bring way more incentive to grabbing books even if your not just after Ordos as there will always be something you want in this shop.

I do not know everything about 40k but I can assume there is a reason we are collecting the grimoires too rather than destroying them. My best guess is so that they can be destroyed properly by professionals. But this would give the art and lore team an excuse to go wild with that and maybe have screaming boxes and stuff in this room.

Plus it is better than the head cannon my friends and I made up for Vermintide 2. We are pretty sure we bring back the grims so the Olesya can chew on them.

That about sums it up. I personally love this idea and think it would be an amazing addition to the game. I hope those at Fatshark see this too and of coarse if anyone are reading this have any ideas, suggestions, concerns. Write em down. Hope to hear from you Fatshark team and see if this sounds like a good idea for darktide.


Oh you have feedback for fatshark? Leave your messege like the rest of us and have it never read.

“Hi you have reached fatshark. Please leave your feedback and we promise to never read it. Did you think we actually cared about what players want?! We currently have 100% of our staff working on the xbox release but dont worry we just hired an intern to work on our content releases for pc. Bye!”


You know, they somewhat answer some of topics(much more frequent too, recently like 2 or 3 times in past month) and the choice of to which of them to answer is wierd, but usually it’s not this kind of feedback

Sorry, they replied exactly 4 times, if I will not count announcements, closing topics and replies in other sections

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Oh god, that is actually kinda fun. To be honest it kinda reminds me rewards for them in Vermintide, but only in the sense of them giving better equipment.

And, I also need to agree that I don’t find the search for books that fun or rewarding, and usually if melk asks for them, I just change the requirements, because it’s boring and tedious to find books, especially grims.

Wish you luck dude, perhaps they will listen to you and actually consider your feedback to be added in the game!

Ah if only it was just my feedback they wouldnt listen to. Alas its the entire communitys desires that get compeletely ignored

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Much simpler option: The reward for Grims and Tomes should be Aquilas. They’re supposed to be pretty high value items, it makes sense that you’d get paid for them in the highest value currency in the game (real money). You don’t usually find that many unless you’re trying and the missions themselves don’t seem to show up in the board that often so it would be a good way to drip feed premium bucks to players who really want to go for it.

I’d spend so much more money on cosmetics (compared to the $0 I’ve currently spent) if there were a way to earn Aquilas through gameplay. Dropping $5 here or there to close the gap when I get tired of grinding is way easier to justify than $15 or whatever a full outfit costs every time I want to buy one.


Alright guys I know some of you are upset about some things, but lets keep the “They won’t listen why bother.” Style comments to a minimum. Lets keep it on the topic at hand.

@Redy2Snap I don’t know if I am fond of that idea tbh. Id rather them keep prices how they are with them being pretty honest and up front atm for what your paying and what your getting. I think what your suggesting might lead to more tactics to “encourage” you to buy Aquila that could lead to affecting the game negatively. I think it also dilutes the already set value on Aquila’s to Fatshark and may lead to price increases further on.

We already all bought the game, currently there is no content DLC, only cosmetics so you paying anything extra is your choice.

My main reason for suggesting this solution is it makes books more valuable and adds alternatives to getting gear, crafting supplies and other recourses.


Feedback for FatShark goes right into the “special folder” which is just a trashcan.

I agree with you that Tomes and Grimoires aren’t worth your time and kind of annoying. I disagree that they should be used as another currency. The issue is that we’re playing a non-competitive, coop, PvE game, there are already 5? currencies, which is way too many and speaks to a very convoluted design.

I feel that the Vermintide 2 system around tomes and grimoires was perfect. I really mean that. I believe that it was the best design optional difficulty scaler. A full book run is significantly harder than no books and you can plan and build your character around the type of runs you’ll expect. As is, Darktide is way too easy and many players wait for Hi-Int Shock Troop Gauntlet. Removing the scaling difficulty was a huge mistake.

I know the system won’t go back to what it was in Vermintide 2. But I strongly believe we should have Tomes AND Grimoires on every map.

That’s my 0.02$ and I’m aware that these are wasted words as FS can’t be bothered lol

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Here’s one that requires “minimal effort”:
Make a multi level - Collect X Scripture/Grimoire Penance

Unique cosmetic rewards

  • new Insignia(s): We only have the 6 since release, I imagine they are relatively easy to make as they are static images with transparency.
  • new Stance(s): I mean they are not moving, so just come up with some poses that look good from 1 angle.
  • new Accessory: for the final reward put in that Big Book backpack that is already in the game, matches the theme and all.


Should be a “low effort” for new stuff (at least sound like one from the outside).
And players like me, who do not bother with the books ATM, would have a new thing to do in-game.

… add a section in the Hub that is an Archivum.

This sound even better but I making the shop sound like a lot more effort :smiley:

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To be honest, I would actually go the opposite direction. I think hunting for grims, tomes, plastic, and diamonds all hurt the pacing of the game and slow things down. Takes you out of it. I didn’t mind getting tomes and grims in VT2 since they had a guaranteed spot to be in and most of them weren’t too much of a detour. But when you gotta search every spawn point, it’s worse. And since grims add a timer because they keep draining your health afterwards it’s just more annoying.

I would actually prefer to see rewards based on skill or progress (number of downs, rescues, how fast you do the mission, number of damage taken). Rather than looking at the ground and picking stuff up while others don’t care and push on ahead.

Good topic and ideas to for discussion! Here’s my two-cents:

I don’t like the way books are handled in darktide. I’d LIKE for their to be some actual worthwhile rewards for collecting books, BUT if that means that my runs are going to take 25% longer as we hunt for books, then no thanks.

To elaborate, the problem with DT is that no only do you spend time looking for the books, but that added time also means more enemies you have to deal with over the course of the run, so it is like getting slapped with two difficulty: one for carrying books in lieu of ammo/health, and two for having more enemies over the course of the run to deal with.

Ideally, I’d like every mission to have a random secondary objective, and I think they need to add some more secondary objective options. And then accomplishing the secondary should give some sort of randomized award (more on that).

Here’s what I’d like to see for seconary missions:

  • Script Secondary Mission: Three scripts spawn on the map in fixed locations.

  • Grim Secondary Mission: Two grims spawn on the map in fixed locations (different from script locations). Each Grim should put 25% of your health into corruption. Make the reduced grim corruption trait useful in reducing this penalty more.

  • Relic Container Secondary Mission: One “relic container” spawns in a fixed location partway through the map. This is a carried container. Bring the container to the end of the mission to accomplish the mission.

  • Deamonhost Banishment Secondary Mission: A “special” demonhost will spawn on the map. This one will only incapacitate players after it drains them (instead of fully killing them) and will fill HP bar with corruption. Kill this demonhost to accomplish the mission.

  • Data Vault Hack Secondary Mission: There will be two terminals (fixed locations) on the map that are a bit separated from each other. Hacking the first will start an alarm and a countdown timer. When the alarm is going, you get a semi-endless horde and/or elites (think endless horde mode) until you can fight your way to the second terminal and complete that hack (and if you do you accomplish the mission). If you fail to finish the second hack before the timer runs out (3-5 minutes?) Then the horde ends but you won’t be able to finish the secondary.

As far as mission REWARDS go, it would be great that if you finish the secondary you’d get a CHOICE from one of the following:

  • A random blessing, which if selected as your reward is added to your blessing library (maybe it always gives a tier 1 blessing, unless you already have it at tier 1, in which case it goes to tier 2, etc… Also can cap based on difficulty, e.g Heresy+ needed for tier 4 blessings)
  • A larger sum of crafting materials (e.g. 500 diamantine, 1000 plasteel)
  • A sum (e.g. 250) of Melk Coins (would be great to have a way outside of weekly to pick up extra Melk change!)
  • A modest sum of premium currency (one can dream right? - like 5-15 even?)
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Fully agree.

A random hold out would be good too (stay in the area for X time or X number of waves). Capture a point.

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It would seem that most people agree that hunting down the grims and scrips is a pain. So another set of ideas to help.

1: Reduce the spawns from every nook and cranny to 5 or 6 rooms that they can spawn in. Either at random locations within that room or a set location.

2: Make them easier to find while they are randomly placed by having a set piece that tells you they are around that area within X meters, and let you mark the set piece and have dialogue of that in game is something like:
“You see that? Must be a Scripture around here.” or
“Yuck look at him, hope he didn’t have none of those rotting books.”

Maybe have an Imperial Preacher dead on the floor with staff with all its papers, purity seals etc. run through him so it stands up and is very visible. This would spawn for the scriptures and would only appear within X meters of a scripture.

Then for grimoires that is a bit tougher as its hard not to make it blend in with other corruption in the level. Maybe something like the battle standard the Beastmen in Vermintide 2 drop. So the Preacher’s Staff but corrupted, Glowing and pulsing from Nurgle’s rot.

This included with the increase in reward of coarse. I will agree that Vermintide 2 has the best idea for this with it just being very likely to give you way better gear for getting all the books. However this is another game in a different IP, I understand they want to try some things out and not just copy paste Vermintide into WH:40k

The same resources people need to complete rounds (grenades, ammo, crates for HP and ammo) are found the same way so I don’t find it too disruptive. They just need to streamline a bit more open rooms. Like if you want us to double back through them 5 times to Sunday path the map that way. Instead you feel bad grabbing supplies in a troll hub like the Smelter Complex with 3 levels of goodies sprawled all over. The rest of the time its barely a detour, and if people leave crates behind I get mad because I like to shoot my way through finales so they’re less boring.

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I agree on the ammo and stuff, but usually you don’t go up and down the large areas because taking more time means spawning more enemies and needing more ammo and health. You just take a path and pickup whatever is right near by I find and ignore the alternatives… Unless you’re looking for crafting materials. Then it’s everyone split up :stuck_out_tongue:

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