Ridiculous Ranald's gift rolls on perfect champion runs (3 x tomes, 2 grims, 2 loot die)

3 out of 3 games today and Ranald RNG rolls have given myself and a team mate about 1 or notches on every game.

The last game we played we got a full set of everything, 3 x tomes, 2 grims, and 2 x loot die, and still we don’t get emperors chests.

I think that getting 2 x loot dice + full everything else should guarantee you an emperors chest.

Could the CMS admin please login to the VT2 CMS and make those changes please? Especially looking to improve Ranalds roll chances (I know you guys are being stingy on that gatcha chance…) and also please guarantee emperors chests for those completing a full complement of everything?


no u

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Imo loot dice should grant half a bar, same as tomes. That would make a perfect run a guaranteed emperor chest.

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… wat?

I feel like you’re missing the core concept of Ranald. He’s basically the god of luck / chance.


That’s, like, your opinion man.

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Same thing as vmt1. You never got guaranteed reds.

if you get all of the items then, yeah, it should be guaranteed. or make the loot dice each act like ranald’s gift, so that if you get all 3 the chance of not getting the emperor’s chest is next to nothing.

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I will admit, it’s very disheartening to go QP/3/2/loot dice and still miss emperor. That being said, RNG is RNG. We will live to see tomorrow.

I undertsand the frustration.

It seems that when you have one or more loot die…you are most likely to get a abysmal Ranald gift.

If it is pure RNG and I am unlucky then I am fine with that. But it is so common I sometimes don’t want to get the loot die. Ranald’s gift seem more kind when you don’t get them.

I understand the frustration with Ranald’s Gift, and here is why (in case someone doesn’t know how it’s calculated) — Vermintide 2 Wiki - Loot

Each Tome/Grim/Bonus gives you points toward a chest “tier”. You are given the following:

10 points per Successful Mission = 10 points
10 points per Quickplay Bonus = 10 points
10 points per tome … x3 tomes = 30 points
15 points per grimoire … x2 grimoires = 30 points
5 points per loot die … x2 loot die = 10 points
10-30 points for Ranald’s Gift = Sadness

However, for an Emperor’s chest you require 100-120 points. This means that upon a complete run collecting everything and acquiring all bonuses that you can

x0 Loot Die = max 80 points = Ranald’s has a 33% chance to give you an Emperor’s Chest
x1 Loot Die = max 85 points = Ranald’s has a 50% chance to give you an Emperor’s Chest
x2 Loot Die = max 90 points = Ranald’s has a 66% chance to give you an Emperor’s Chest

I feel like we should be guaranteed an Emperor’s chest upon collecting “everything + 2 Loot Die”. I mean, it’s hard enough on some Legend missions to make it through the darn thing, let alone come out with a decent reward from an Emperor’s Chest sometimes. Maybe Loot Die can be worth 10 points each? This, of course, is my opinion and I don’t expect everyone to agree with it, but it sure does suck to put a lot of hard work into something to “Fully” complete it and come out with a silver medal, if you know what I mean.

Besides, the drop rates for reds are so low I almost thought I had Protanopia (don’t ask me what the drop rates are, I don’t know … but I’ve opened a lot of chests and only ever found one).

The fluff ? Minimum 10 point from Ranald counting “Finishing mission” as 10 point ? Is the wiki drunk ? Ranald doesn’t give you half of a bar as a minimum (unless they changed it in 1.0.5, then it’s my bad)

I do think that Ranald should give you 100% chance of an Emperor with full book 2 loot die ^^

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