Buff Ranald

Ranald is WEAK please buff ASAP

Do you mean Ranald’s Gift at the loot upgrade stage? Ranald is is the Warhammer universe’s god of luck for Humans. The whole thing with it is it can sometimes give you a random bonus that may upgrade you chest, or leave you hanging right before the upgrade. 1 and a half bars, or 1/5th of a bar.

I actually like it. Fits the fantasy and I can have a laugh with the buds when he favors 1 of us and not the others.

I dont think it’s a good thing to be in Ranald’s hand luck when you have a maxed chest with a full run (3 tomes 2 grim and quick match even with 1 dice)…

I dont count the number of time i have a full run and no Emperor…that’s frustrating…

Ranald’s Gift shouldn’t count that much in the balance to have an Emperor when you do a full run…

It should be more rewarding the risk taken -> 3 tomes & 2 grims & quick match

I thought he rolled the same for all. Fair enough

Well, he used to be tough, but then patch 1.0.5 capped his hero level which has made him suck. I really would like to see him balanced more with the other loot boosts at the end like the tombs and grims. Did you even see how much the Grims boost the loot in the end? I mean Grims are OP and should be nerfed!