What is 'Ranalds Gift'?

Just a quick one really, anyone tell me what ‘Ranalds Gift’ is at the end of each mission and what factors it takes into account?

It’s probably random and/or you are not supposed to know how it works.


95% sure it’s just a random value.

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In the first game it came down to dice roll, very luck driven. Randals gift is the implementation of the “luck” element in the loot system.

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RaNdals Gift.

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Inaccurate Ranald is the scum bag that gives me general chests after a QP + full run + 2 dice on legend.

In Vermintide 1, the end sequence rolled 7 dice that were influenced by tomes, grimoires, and loot dice, and the one item you received was determined by how good the roll was.

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