Collect all bonuses in game, still General's chest

If you get literally all possible bonuses in the game, why do you still get a General’s? You could have 1 less grim, no loot dice, and still get an Emperor. Ranald is a real buzz kill at the end screen. Or how sometimes it’ll fill the bar entirely, but won’t give you the next tier chest. As a QoL it wouldn’t hurt to just give the last 1% of the bar for the next tier.


Maybe, but it’s still better than full book run and rolling just the guaranteed 2 (from the grimoires) out of 7.

Making Ranald a little more generous might be nice, though, for sure.

the only real problem for me is that ranald is different for everybody.
i queued with my team, i fought through the mission with my team and then we get different rewards for no reason. please give everybody the same reward

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