Make full book runs guarantee an Emperor's Chest

Honestly, it just sucks to do a full book run and then have your chest rarity determined by sheer luck.
It feels bad to know you’ve done all you can and still not get the maximal rewards.
Thus, I propose full book runs (with like a couple of loot die, maybe) guarantee an Emperor’s chest.


I’m pretty sure if you do full book run + get 2 loot dies + get the lowest ranald luck, that you get an emperor’s chest.

But i understand where you are coming from. Checking for art, loot dies + getting books is just alot of sidetracking.

I just did a QP, full book run, with 5 loot die, and it seemed like it was just barely enough to get me to Emperor’s without Ranald’s at all. Are you 2 loot die is enough with lowest Ranald’s?

Actually, you need 4 dices to guarantee an emperor chest with full books and quickplay.

You get the equivalent of 2 dices by completing the mission.
Quickplay is the equivalent of 2 dices.
A tome is the equivalent of 2 dices.
A grimoire is the equivalent of 3 dices.
You need the equivalent of 4 dices to progress to the next chest level.

Full books with quickplay gives you 2 + 2 + 3x2 + 2x3 = 16 dices = 4 chest levels.
This is only guaranteed Champion chest.

Ranald sometimes does not even give the equivalent of a single loot die, so he can’t be used to guarantee a chest level.

To my knowledge, only boss maps can guarantee emperor (if you find them with quickplay) and find 2 other dices in the map (monsters, loot rat or lucky chests) except with skittergate where the bosses are enough dices.


That sounds more like how I’ve experienced the system, which is what prompted me to make this post.

Dice from bosses are separate from the sack rat/chest dice, no?
So if you get two boss spawns you can still end up with four dice on a non-lord map. Or am I being stupid today?

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True. But you can’t guarantee two monster spawns.

I’m only talking about guaranteed emperor chest. The three regular Helmgart boss maps for instance give 2 dices on the boss. So if you find 2 other dices in those maps (either by opening every chest, killing rats or killing monsters), you have your guaranteed 4 dices.

I don’t think you can guarantee 4 dices in non-boss maps, that’s what I’m saying (except if you are using twitch mode, then additional monsters can help with the loot).

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Ah right, I see.

Can add to this that Ranald’s max seem to be equivalent to 6 loot dice or one and a half bar. So 0-6 loot dice from Ranald.

That effect is just for show. You get it even if you run qp with full books and twenty dice.

Thanks for explaining.

Don’t really wanna get to stuck on the specific dice amount. It’s pretty annoying that you cannot get an emperors chest when you do everything you can, i remember that annoying me when i first started playing. I don’t mind a bit of rng in the game or in opening chests, but the ranald thing is just a weird system which i don’t understand why they would do it like that.


Indeed. I would prefer each map could guarantee emperor chest on quick play with all books retrieved and the minimum dices of the map have all been found.

Ranald would only be a RNG safety net in case someone lost a grim or fell into the river with a tome, or if we did not find the garanteed dices for some reason, or if we selected the map instead of quickplaying.

I think everyone would find this very fine and even would be enjoying each Ranald gift instead of too often cursing him.


It’s the stupid animation; it always makes it look like you juuuust baaarely got an Emperor’s when you might’ve overshot by an entire 6 die.

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How about a ranald quest when you spawn in the map? Something like ‘kill 20 sv’, which would then guarantee max ranald gift

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After some consideration…

I disagree, I don’t think it would be fine. Reducing our beloved Ranald to nothing more than a safety net would be a tragedy and an act of heresy.

In my opinion, guaranteed top tier rewards should be reserved for deeds and various challenges. Yes, obviously deeds are not in a great state and the overhaul/rework can’t come soon enough, but Quick Playing into guaranteed Emperor Chests every time would not be enjoyable.
I think Ranalds favour is a nice touch and should stay as is. I can’t really explain why, it just wouldn’t be the same without him. Let’s go with lore/immersion-something.

I do get why people want this change, and I would agree if this was not a Warhammer Fantasy game.

Ranald, known by many names such as the Night Prowler, the God of Thieves or even the Trickster God, is the Human God of Luck, Fortune and Mischief. His is a curious cult, for it lacks the trappings, the pomp and majesty, even the structure of other cults. His priests are thieves, tricksters, and gamblers, rather than the educated effete elite so favoured by others. His temples are the gaming halls, the brothels, the taverns, and other dens of iniquity, not the gilt structures of gold and marble. Indeed, Ranald and his priests are unlike any others — a fact that is both distressing and delightful.

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I didnt know that, don’t rlly care for lore tbh but i understand the reason now, thanks.

I think Ranalds favour is a nice touch and should stay as is. I can’t really explain why, it just wouldn’t be the same without him. Let’s go with lore/immersion-something.

I fully agree with you lore-wise. Fortune can be favorable or not. O fortuna velut luna statu variabilis, semper crescis aut decrescis. On that regard, of course things are fine as-is. :wink:

I’m ok with guaranteed general chests (I’m playing legend at the moment, but even champion general chests can provide red items for relatively new players).

General is guaranteed if you take all books and quickplay. If you don’t qp you need half a bar / two loot dice / 1 third if Ranald’s max gift, in order to get general.

Personally, I could not care less about lore considerations in this matter. Especially when it pertains to somewhat game-y mechanic anyway (aka loot boxes).