So all books and a die gets you a soldiers chest now?

only been 8 games on the new patch so maybe im just getting ranalds middle finger , but i thought a full run used to always be generals at least?

still its fixing the green dust drought i guess!

This on Champ?

It’s very rare but I’ve had this happen pre-patch. Ranald’s bonus seems to be between like 1 and 110 or something. So it’s possible for Ranald to basically give you nothing. I think that’s without Die though IIRC. Do you have a screenshot of the final score screen showing all 3 tomes, 2 grims, and die?

By all books I suppose you mean 3 tomes and 2 grimoires? That still gives me guaranteed general chests in Quickplay.

Yeah , im starting to think this might actually be a bug not a change , last game of the night all books put me into generals without any die or ranalds (which is what i thought we had pre patch). so either sometimes somethings not counting or they all have random contributions , which i don’t think they do.

Completing map gives half a bar, quickplay bonus gives half a bar, three tomes give one and half a bar, two grims give one and half a bar, which is 4 bars and that means general chest. Is it possible you dont got the quickplay bonus?


Still gives generals but only if you do quickplay.

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