Ranald's Favour no longer gives 100%?

I know that ranald’s favour doesnt ever give 100% (5%, 25%, 50%, something insignificant) progression bar, but i just want to rant about this experience i just had.

just played a quick match, Against the Grain, Veteran. Got all the tomes, both the grims, no loot die though.

we complete the mission, and we go to the chest phase. with everything so far, not counting the favour, i get the bare minimum to get general’s coffer and im ok with that, i know how unreliable ranald’s favour can be.

but when ranald’s favour is finally the rare big ones that fills up the bar from 0 to 100, im surprised, but hey, im not going to complain this game’s stupid rpg finally has something going well. so it does it’s thing of slowly filling up the bar and right when it gets to the end, it just stops.

it looks like a full bar to get me emperor’s, but it just stops and all i get is general’s. ranald’s favour gave me 99%. did it always do that?

i know this game has a lot of issues, like bad balancing, bad bugs, bad designs, bad devs, bad patches, bad mechanics, and ranald’s favour is one of them, but 99%? really? just another reason this game is terrible.

Nah, dude. Complete luck without skill/merit based rewards is all the rage now in video games. I’d tell you to gid gud but it’s not like that would actually have any effect.

i’d toss some money at the game’s microtransactions, but the devs werent smart enough to include when they released the game

Why would you WANT microtransactions? Why not just fix the game WITHOUT them?

I’ve had 99% happen before, it isn’t new. Ranald’s favor is meant to be RNG, sometimes RNG teases you by just barely not giving you what you need. It’s kind of a slap in the face, but with ranald being a trickster god of luck and all, that’s kind of the one part of the game where it’s lore-friendly and fitting to do that to you. Don’t take it personally, RNG works like that everywhere outside VT2 too.

the comment was meant to be sarcastic, mb

oh I’m sorry. It went over my head then :zipper_mouth_face:

Ranald is entirely random.

If we define that “bar” between loot tiers as 100 then ranald can roll any number between 1-100.

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That feeling when you do 3 tomes, 2 grims run and Ranald favors you with one milimeter :slight_smile:

1-150 i belive. At least i got smth close to 150 couple of times.

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