Experience gain perks don't do anything at level 30

Pretty easy one. Lots of items roll with increased experience gained on their perks. This can be useful when you want to level up a character, but is less useful when you hit max level.

I’m at max level with my Ogryn, and I’m trying to craft up a nice set of trinkets for him. I find a perk or two that I like then I’ll go and upgrade it. If I get a bad roll and get something I don’t like, fair enough, thats RNG for you. But its a bit annoying when I brick a really good trinket with increased experience gained as that perk just straight up doesn’t do anything when you hit max level.

If we have a mechanic that benefits from experience gain at max level, then fair enough. There are plenty to choose from. Repeating level 30 for an Emperor’s Gift, getting Prestige levels, etc. But we don’t have one at the moment, and that makes this perk an automatic junk roll.


I was very disappointed when I found out there was no (+X) level with recurring rewards like in VT2!
Collecting those extra level-up boxes made levelling other characters much smoother, and I loved the little hit of dopamine from seeing that number crawl higher and higher on my favorite classes.


Well it’s a very questionable trait to start with.
I guess they want(ed) to implement hero lvls (or w/e they are called) and it’d make you gain imaginary lvls faster!

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I agree. I typically prefer perks that benefit you strictly in mission, but that’s not my call.

So if we get shared inventories we can argue these still hold value since I can equip those Curios on my alt characters - great!

but as of now they haven’t given us feedback as to our request for shared stash/resources akin to VT2

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I was thinking along similar lines. In VT2 its tracking levels above 35. It’d be nice to get a guaranteed emperors gift on those milestones. This makes the curios xp do something. It also all players to benefit from douple xp weekends etc. Right now the emperors gifts seem like they never happen which makes the +% curios seem like a dead perk. This would solve several issues at once.

Yea, we definitely need something like a random item drop every time you “level up” again after 30 or something like that.