+2-10% Experience on Curios

Wouldn’t it be practical to remove the +2-10% Experience on newly gained curios once an operative reaches level 30?

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Yes it would… and even when a chars is not level 30.
This perk is a waste of one slot.

This and +x% to get a curio…


Need to have some trash to make the acceptable bits look good in comparison.

They could event just replace it maybe with a generic “more items/XP”. So after level 30 you get more ordos, plastic, and diamonds with it. They should also do what they did in Vermintide 2 and just have player levels/XP continue after level 30 to get more “emperor’s gifts” in this case I guess.

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If they replace by that, it would be the most important perk of the game…
that would be harsh considering how I try to always eradicate this perk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe, but assuming you have what you want for items it becomes useless. But then again max gear is impossible.

I think even if they add a +leveling reward after 30 things like +XP, +Curio, and +Docket should just be removed.