Remove +experience from Curio perk pool

Some arguments can be made for +Curio, ordo dockets, DR vs X, but the +XP perk seems near useless. It might be cool to get on a low-level character on an Emperor-gift curio, but it doesn’t really reward much XP (+2% on low-levels). By the time you get to high levels, the other perks become much more desirable.

Once you hit 30, they become meaningless. Oh yeah and that’s pretty much when you start rolling +10% XP bonus. Strong work to whoever made this a thing. Thanks for ruining my Curio and making me have to grind out a bunch of missions to waste my one available perk-slot reroll.


They just don’t care, many posts have been made on the subject.

All fell in deaf ears


I JUST came to the forums to post this. I ruined two Curios because of this HORRIBLE stat.


Unfortunately this is true, as of right now, Curio Perks that increases Experience gained, increases the amount of Ordo Dockets (the main currency earned from completing missions) and Increases the chance to be rewarded a Curio instead of a Weapon is incredibly underwhelming to have and effectively break the Stat rolling cycle for Curios with optimal stat values for the character in question. (Because right now you can only pick one perk to re-roll and are locked away from re-rolling any of the other perks that a Weapon or Curio has).

For starters Increased Exp gained is nice early in the game while you level up your character but because Curios can’t be shared between your characters and you can’t level up past the Lvl 30 cap for your final Feat just to be guarantee a reward from the Emperor (just like how Commendation Chest are distributed on levelup past 35 in Vermintide 2)…

Earning more Dockets at the end of a mission is neat for when you need more money for several weapons and curios from the Armory Exchange, the added amount you earn scales up on higher difficulties but it fails to justify taking an invaluable perk slot that could’ve been used to increase your survival. If it also increased the amount of collected resources earned (Plasteel and Diamantine found in each mission) then it would be considered a must have perk for at least a separate set of Curios specifically setup for gathering more resources for crafting and acquisition of weapons and other Curios…

And an increased chance to be rewarded a Curio instead of a Weapon would be very nice if there was a mean to see and know when you are eligible to be rewarded a “Gift from the Emperor” and much like the Exp boosting perk, if these gifts were handed out every time players level up, even when the player has reached the main level 30 cap, then this perk would be very practical to have for a more varied choice in what type of gear you want to be rewarded with for your “Service to the Emperor”.

Overall these perks would be fine if the fundamental gameplay loop for this game had more nuance, such as players being able to see when they are proven worthy a Gift of the Emperor.*
And that players has the ability to increase the amount of crafting resources by various means so the Grind loop for the “perfect Weapons/Curios” feels more Engaging and Fun.**

(*Every time a player levels up they are rewarded an item, and they continue to do so even past lvl 30).
(**Such as increasing the amount earned at the end of a mission and or being able to spend any of their currencies they earned by playing the game for a specific chunk of them).

I was unironically running XP curios as I was leveling my last class (Ogryn). It doesn’t save you more than a handful of missions on your way to 30 but I don’t think it’s useless. My problem with it is more in line with what you say about low values. I’d just double the values across the board then make it auto removed from the pool once you hit level 30. If I were to inhale copious amounts of hopium I might say it’s there for an over leveling system they’re planning for the future, which y’know, could potentially make them valuable beyond 30 in the future.

For now either make them roll much higher perk levels than the other perks when low level, or just double the values across the board and they’d be a nice aid to soften the leveling grind.

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Someone figured out that if you obtained +exp curios as soon as they were avaliable with high perks, you would save 2 rounds on the road to rank 30. If you only did Damnation, otherwise it will save you 1 game.

So no it is beyond useless. But it and the curio reward/dockets should just be combined into a +Rewards perk. More emperor gifts, increased experience gain, increased cash and more materials from the map pick up. You’re burning one or more of your actual in-game perk slots for crying out loud.

Ah yes, doing a lower difficulties, thereby requiring you to complete more missions to reach 30, somehow makes a % based xp increase save you less missions than running Damnation overall… I don’t think you thought that maths through very well before posting that.

I do get your general point, I agreed it’s not good enough with the current values. I maintain if the values were increased it would soften leveling enough. It’s also silly how the values go 2, 4, 6, 10 for each perk level. It is was like 5, 10, 15, 20 it’d legitimately save a fair bit of time leveling.

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Exactly? You’d only see an effect grinding the hardest content with godly RNG and no failures? I don’t think you got the point. Its unbelievably bad even in best case, since that scenario involves you running trash gear and getting carried.

Unless we could keep filling the bar at max rank its completely wasted even in its application.

I don’t think you understood me. You very definitely save more missions overall spamming Malice than doing Damnation with exp curios. That isn’t really the main point of the discussion I just had to point out how clearly wrong that statement is. Whichever difficulty level you do it’s the same total xp to reach max level. If you’re running lower difficulties that give less xp, that bonus xp you got divides out into more free missions total. This is very simple maths. Which isn’t to say you wouldn’t still level faster overall running Damnation, just that the amount of “free” missions you get from bonus XP is greater running Malice than Damnation.

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I’m one of the few that likes +Ordo Dockets. I keep Peddler 138 I’m business cause I’m constantly buying stuff prepping for whatever comes next I’m crafting. I feel like +DR bombers is more useless than Ordo Dockets because it doesn’t prevent Toughness delete, and I never stay in the bomb fire zone. I don’t think I’ve ever been downed in bomber fire either.

But I think, for curios with a base blessing of 65+ (arbitrary cut-off), given the inability to share curios amongst characters and the lack of XP gain following lvl 30, the T2-4 XP boost (rarely I’ll roll a T2 +XP bonus on my curios) is pointless. And T1-2 +XP is so small (2-4%) that they are essentially meaningless at lower levels. I think Heresy is around 4300xp? Can’t remember. Let’s be generous and say you can get 7000xp from heresy w/ scrips and low intensity. 4% XP gets you a whopping 280 additional XP. Max T4 +XP gets you 700. Neither amount will save you much time going from lvl 29 to 30.

Needed to be the broken +3 stamina blessing to be true perfection :rofl:

It seems pointless to have a +experience, especially since the values are so low and new characters can’t even equip curios to begin with. Even if you wanted to stack +experience blessings to minimise levelling time, by the point that you can acquire and equip them you’re half way to 30, anyway.

Another reason I don’t think that +experience or +dockets should exist is because they don’t contribute in any way to mission success and team-play (at least not within a single mission). Any other choice will help in removing enemies, or keeping players alive for longer, at least some of the time.

You are essentially handicapping yourself by equipping them, which disadvantages your team. I know missing out on +5% damage to gunners or +15% toughness regen isn’t going to make or break a mission, but it’s the principle of the thing.