Don't RNG the +% XP perk for max level characters

It is massively frustrating to spend a load of hard grinding to get enough plasteel to get a curio upgraded to max rarity, only for Hadron to pull an XP bonus out of her bag of tricks.

It’s completely useless to a level 30 character, and I’ve now had a couple of curios where I’ve been forced to lock out other choices just to get rid of this perk.

The item upgrading is horribly, horribly grindy anyway even if this option weren’t thrown at you.

Frankly, I’d also be very happy to opt out of the bonus Ordo Dockets perk as well; doing enough missions to get crafting resources means I’m already swimming in cash (particularly with selling off Emperor’s Gift items that just simply don’t fit my build), and I’d rather be able to restrict it to just perks that were of use during missions.

However, I will say that if these perks were consolidated into one “+X% Mission Rewards” bonus that boosted XP, Dockets and crafting resources? Then it would remain quite appealing even for max level characters.


That xp buff is a complete garbage, i was thinking that: oh nice i can use it when i was leveling all alts, but on low rank that perk gives like 2-4% xD and on high rank when u can finally access it at high lvl it gives 10% which actually might be good for leveling back then. Haha what a poor design…

Personal take: replace it with +10% additional crafting materials per mission is pretty good farming choice.

This would be a neat idea indeed.

Only other option (beside do not let it roll on max chars) would be to make Curios and stuff available to all operatives - so when a new class comes out one can use these curios to level them up a bit faster (like in VT2).