Discontinue +experience on curios

While keeping existing curios as-is, I propose (again) to remove the +experience perks from all new curios. Do you agree?

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bro can you format, so it actually isn’t ambiguous what i voted for.


Experience is fine. Should be something to do with extra levels past 30 though, like VT2’s level up chests. Also #breakthelocks so you don’t get bricked curios at 30 and this is a non-issue.


Sorry, I’ve amended the post with a question.

it lessens the grind for new players. so they can reach max level while if your level 30 and you get it you like either to sell it or replace it. its to benefit new players. which i think they do derseve as i retty sure pasically everyone who has played from the beta kind of used it too.

using actual combat stats, and as a result being able to complete higher difficulties = more XP than XP boost


Alongside a blessing rework I would love to see one for perks.

I think all of experience and dockets should be replaced with a +rewards that increases plasteel and diamantine intake as well. Curio reward needs to be removed, and curios just avaliable for purchase, add a Brunt function for green HP/Toughness/Wound/Stamina curios. I don’t think anyone cares if its a blessed bullet or guardian of the hateful.

I’d like to see XP be useful after 30, but at the moment there’s really nothing to chase.

I know a bunch of hardcore players whose ONLY motivation to play right now is achieving absurd True Levels like 2000+

By removing the +10% exp from curios you are essentially upsetting these people to the point that they might just quit playing once and for all.

Before someone dives into the argument “we don’t care about a small minority of hardcore players” I’d like to let you know that hardcore players are the core of every game, everyone else is just a tourist. These people push new builds, these people create content for others to master their class/game faster overall have a net positive impact in the game.

just my two cents…
simply put, removing +XP% is gonna increase your chances of getting the perk you want by what? it’s laughable

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For new players, it’s nice to have.

But for endgame curios, it should be very rare a player would get this as a combat stat.

Or better yet, have experience and Odo Dockets be a combined buff. That way, it remains useful within the late game and while you level up your characters.

That’s an interesting goal. How do they calculate their level beyond thirty?

Also, you made me realize that you can still see your experience amount at the end of missions even after you reach level thirty.

There’s a mod that tracks additional levels after 30. I assume it’s using the exp from 29 to 30 for each additional level.

Thinking more about this, if discontinuing +experience on curios is not acceptable, I would settle for making it exceedingly rare.

This way the hardcore players mentioned above would still get it. But it would no longer ruin half the curios we consecrate.

I actually really enjoyed being able to use +30% XP while leveling my ogrin.

That way I could get 14K XP in a single match and levelling took significantly less time.

The problem is that it serves no purpose past Lvl30 which is only a problem because you can’t freely swap it out for something more useful afterwards.

XP can and should stay in the game. What needs to go are the damned locks.

yeah but you don’t get curios with maxed stats while lvling

Ofc you don’t but you don’t need to.

All you need to be able to do is get a curio when you can equip it and then roll the perk +XP on it.
You’re not going to keep that curio since it’s a lower level one.

That’s exactly what I did.

hmm hadn’t though of that, or might be cuz it was impossible to reroll anything until i had better option/maxed heroes

but yea that seems reasonable an argument to keep it

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The more I think about it, the more I ask myself this. Why aren’t the perks/blessings probability reversed? That is, why aren’t the perks/blessings most people want the most common?

Wouldn’t it make so much more sense?

There a mod you can install which shows you your (True) lvl past 30

“Making sense” is dependant on your viewpoint and goals.

If you want to extend the time people have to grind for the unlocks you want then no, that wouldn’t make any sense.

If your goal was to give the players what they wanted then yes, that would make sense.

Since the 2nd goal could be achieved by not having any unlockables or RNG to begin with, you understand why that could never have been the goal to begin with…