What is the point of exp curios?

Seriously, by the time you can really build your curios for anything, you’re already level 30, and there is no point in gaining prestige levels.

So why is exp+ an option for curios? It’s just one more useless roll that could potentially brick one of my items in an already frustrating crafting system. They’re not even huge amounts of exp, so even if I got one early on, putting it on my character is basically just an apathetic “might as well”…


Well, also the “curios instead of weapons” makes no sense, you’re better off buying a good base and refine it than getting it one as reward.


the thing is early game you’d also want combat stats as that is the phase were you are most inexperienced and you need the most compensation for lack of ability

since ending a run will net you more XP than loosing it…

so it really is just a stat for players who are already way above the difficulty curve, and need accalerated XP to reach 30 asap

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I think it is a great way to level up alts. I fully craft a curious at lvl 7 and put 10% xp on it. I do it with all 3 asap

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Id agree if we had shared curios LMAO

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Curios are a bit of a pain in the ass to come by (one hourly from Brunt, one(?) daily from Melk, or the Melk Mystery Machine for 250 Melk bucks), so having an additional source is handy to have.

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XP boost and curio as a reward are just to troll us.
No other reason is possible

The point is that there is no point. The item/crafting system isn’t a finished system and hasn’t had development priority towards finishing it to this day.

We are playing Darktide early access. We just weren’t told that.

I’m sure it makes sense in someone’s head otherwise why would all of it exist. :woozy_face:

hoarding experience for true level mod, but thats cheating

To increase the chances of bricking a good curio, fatshark wants to keep you hooked to those slots machines…

No. their only purpose is perk bloat for the RNG.

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