Make Levelling Past 30 mean something please

He all.
I’ve just levelled my 3rd character to 30, my others are WAY past that and found myself enjoying leveling my vet as I was progressing so it actually meant something…

So that got me to pondering how to keep a sense of progression once you hit 30… The big thing that “doesnt” give you this sense is the armoury, it STILL insults me offering crap barely over 300 base, I mean WTF?

Ok on to the request… Since we do have the mod that shows your “real” level past 30, why cant it be integrated into the game in some way, then shift the min/max base stats of armoury offerings every 30+100 levels?

So at 30 = min base stats 350
30+100 = 360 - 370 (min T3 perks)
30+200 = 370 - 380 (guaranteed T4 perks/T3 Blessings)
30+300 = Guaranteed 380 and T4 perks/blessings

I mean I just pulled those numbers etc out my big boy pants, so what figures would you use? Or how would you introduce a sense of progression at 30 ?



prestige cosmetics, banners, unlockable scars or cybernetic implants given the constant injuries our rejects endure.

add some little bits and trinkets to existing skins like heads of twins, tail of nurgle, toe from the daemonhost, something like that. as for weaponry, some notches on my stock or barrel maybe.

got a feeling “crafting” isnt going to change anytime soon, neither are my hopes high up for free cosmetics, still those id think would be more feasible

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Well thing is, thats the kind of things that would be reserved for the shop or certain penances.

sadly yes,without a doubt. still these would be my ideas for a little carrot on a stick

I’d take some plasteel and diamantine for every level past 30 and call us square :slight_smile:

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If every level gave us, say, 1500 plasteel and 150 diamantine, that would be enough to fully upgrade a high-tier weapon. It would also make +XP curios somewhat useful in that some people would reduce their combat buffs in favor of getting more out of each mission, rather than those curios being totally useless.


Nothing speaks against having penances that ask you to reach lvl 200 or so on a class.
Those could grant cosmetics.

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Even just a bonus Emperor’s Gift on level up post 30 would be nice. cough cough commendation chests


I dig the idea


I neverminded the crafting system (maybe I’m just a sucker for punishment lol), but the grind for crafting materials feels a little meh.

I’ve been thinking, it would be cool to get a small crafting material package every time you level past 30.

Also we have weekly missions, maybe have a few daily ones as well but the rewards are dockets or crafting mats.

I don’t think any gamers mind a good grind. It can feel really rewarding when you finish one. But the current crafting system isn’t a grind. It could take you 2 or 200 hours to get a good version of what you’re after.


Awesome idea! Love it, got my full support!

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There is some leeway for Inquisitorial Operatives in terms of weapon access (for example xeno-made) but that kind of trinkets (chaos corruption) are one step away from summary execution / purge or branding Grendyl a Rogue Inquisitor.


and there i learned another thing in terms of warhammer lore,thanks, really appreciate it.

judging from the curios i thought there to be a bit of trophy association plus us literally getting showered in nurgle drool every other mission and still deemed eligible for extraction.

new question then: whose skulls are worn on our garments then?

Could be actual trophies from slain enemies, fallen heroes, maybe relic rescued from chapel or something else…

BUT! What you’ve proposed is a bit different than plain body part of a slain enemy (or a hero).

Those are tainted (blessed by Nurgle) heretics, actual (lesser but still) demons (DH or BoN) or mutants (PO or DS).

While nature of the corruption is still discussed both among Inquisitors and Ecclesiarchy, conclusion is one. It changes even unwilling victim slowly. Individuals that can fully resist power of the warp or it’s entities are very, very rare.

First you start with some skulls or teeth of slain heretics, then using their munitions or weapons, then comes food, maybe medicaments and finally you grab a body part of the demon because it was a tough fight and want to show off or it killed your friend.

Somewhere in there you passed a point of no return. If we were not in inquisitorial service but plain militarum unit, that would be a purge for the whole regiment delegated to the combat zone.

(I still think most of the rejects would be purged multiple times over or relegated to long and through observation before returning to active duty, just to be purged at the end of campaign).

Also there are different types of Inquisitors – some allow for… a bit riskier actions to be taken than others. One Inquisitor will allow his retinue to use tainted stuff other will purge his team at the slightest suspicion of corruption (even if unfounded).

But hey - as many fans or authors there are as many interpretations what does warp actually do to ya.

While this seems like a good idea because it fixes a obvious problem it’s not a good idea.

It’s a work around forcing you to grind to reach that magical +300.

If they just fix base level weapons at 360 in the shop you fix most problems while also keeping 380s rare

All I want is the exp to add vanity levels, seeing randoms not 30 is the only thing the lvl system really shows. Having a prestige would be nice.

Backpaid, of course…


there’s a mod that shows overlevels


Ironically, it wasn’t until I hit lvl 3o that bonus exp started showing up as a trait on reliquaries.

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