This game deserves to have a deeper leveling system


If there is something that bothers me about this game, it’s its progression system which, according to me, is much too hollow and not deep enough for a game of this kind.

Rather than just having 30 levels to climb and then finish with the last objective being to get weapons, why not offer a reset/promotion system for our classes in addition to this system?

Let me explain. Once the rank 30 is reached with a class, the game offers us the option to reset its rank (promotion) in order to unlock a unique frame for our class linked to the number of promotion done, exactly like Deep rock galactic. And that in addition to that, each promotion done will give us an exclusive reward, it can cosmetic item.

I think this addition would be really PERFECT for this type of game. That way everyone will get something out of it. The player who doesn’t have much time and prefers to stay at rank 30 and then go get his weapons. Then the other player who wants to grind to unlock exclusive rewards linked to his progression in order to have that little personal satisfaction.

What do you think about it ?


I’m hoping that level 30 is just the start, and that after that we spec into subclasses for another X number of levels.

At first I thought “what is this ***********?”. But then again, anything that fields DRG as an example can’t be that wrong. It is, however, a system that needs to be built inherently into the process, so more likely for now is just an eventual (+ xx) as it was in VT2.
Subclasses are to be expected. However, I do expect them to just keep the level of the “main” class just like in, again, VT2.
I sure don’t want to spend multiple weeks leveling a new character. I know some people like grind, and I’ll defend their right to do so; I’m just not one of them.

If your talents don’t reset upon promoting, then there’s no incentive to stay at 30 and everyone will constantly promote. If they do reset then the grind to regain your talents each time would be awful. Vermintide 1 and 2s system both worked better to show cumulative play time, although didn’t have a reward system.


Im fine with a prestige system but not in a way that removes my talents. Honestly they just at a bare minimum need to add the plus levels.

agreed, lvl30 cant be the end. should be more lvls and/or much deeper.

i personally would like the lvl cap to be something more like a least lvl60 so it takes longer to lvl a char and get access to perks so its more meaningful and involves more playtime. i can understand not everybody would want to spend much time leveling but the faster youd get bored because you already progressed through all levels and got the weapon you needed and then just repeat missions for nothing. if youre progressing for longer you feel rewarded for longer too which gives you drive to keep going and work towards something.

one possibility would be to have your class playable decently at around lvl30 already and get only more powerful after that till lvl60 cap or whatever, so it doesnt feel so grindy to get to a point where your class already makes sense and fun playing and have acces to higher difficulties but you still feel progressing towards getting stronger and more powerful perks after that point.

also its pointless to have higher difficulties reward you with gaining more xp and get access to curios with higher xp bonus just before you dont need xp anymore at lvl30. there has to be something that makes you want to still gain xp.
an example would be aliens fireteam elite where you lvl your weapons too to unlock traits and better stats so you would still want xp even after hitting its player lvl20 cap at which you already maxed out your chars damage and skill capabilities. it also has a prestige system where you gain additional prestige lvls to lvl100 to unlock armor and weapon skins and an equivalent to frames on the way in bronze and silver and gold to show off.
another example would be world war z where after hitting lvl cap you reset your char for prestige to gain additional perks on the way to lvl cap again, then rinse repeat.
or the mentioned deep rock galactic prestige reset system.

whatever it is, it has to make use of gaining xp at high difficulties and xp curios after lvl cap, should stretch the playtime (preferrably take long to get to lvl cap in general so owning a max lvl char has more meaning to it) and keep you feeling progressing for long, should make you able to show off for example in shiney golden armors and weapons and such, make you lvl more than just your char like when leveling weapons too, and hopefully would make you feel like youre still getting stronger like when gaining more powerful perks at prestige resets or get access to more powerful weapons or weapon traits/blessings. stuff like that