Paragon and Beyond - Fatshark Please Read

The game at this point seriously needs a progression system for max lvl characters (lvl 30). I think alot of people are leaving the game because of lack of end game content. There needs to be a way to progress your character power after max level, more talents abilities and passives for each class, a paragon leveling system with rewards, possibly special high level missions to unlock, maybe even Veteran Class weapons & Curios (Red color high level weapons and gear like in Vermintide 2) - DEVs consider making this game progression a reality and to keep our playerbase strong and active. I think everyone including Fatshark wants to see this game prosper for years to come.


To add: This would also fix the Ordo Docket Rewards and Experience Curious being worthless at lvl 30.


But what you want is exactly what FS wanted to avoid in name of “LeESs tOxXxiCitY” cuz leveling beyond the lvl cap it gives the players a Dickmesuring tool to avoid less “capable” players…


where do you aim the balance? at fresh 30 or current max strength? im pretty sure red weapons are coming i would assume they can go to 100%

i know the old days are gone, but does everygame need to be turned into a mobile hellscape of treadmills and driven engagement? is playing games for fun really a lost concept?

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At contrary… if they do that, I would leave.
The fact that you reach level 30 and don’t have to work for something else is the point I love in this game. Also, the fact that you can, with your skills, handle a hard difficulty level without the best gear or even without all feats, is also a good things (I started malice at lvl 3 with my Ogryn and did the same when I started a new veteran).
Lot of players complain about the time they have to spend to get a weapon, your proposition is " Ok now you will be happy, you will spend more time to get a small progress for your char".

Please, FS, don’t do that…

Then they need to give us more maps, more missions and they can also add weapons and subclasses.
I would add that they can fix well known bugs and also think about about solution to lower the annoyance of the crafting (like this I proposed… but don’t care of the how… they need to do something about this).


Doesn’t have to be visible numbers. It could just not be displayed to others, but unlock some minor things. Or maybe you could buy something with them like trade them in for Plasteel and what not.
I don’t know, many creative ways to go about it. But experience feels pointless when there is nothing to level for and max level is so easily achieved.

I would argue there’s quite a bit to do after you reach lvl 30. First and foremost would be upgrading your weapons so you can do T4 and T5 runs and not be a burden. Case in point, I did a T4 run yesterday and the other group members (all lvl 30) seemed to really struggle with the match… straight T4 and no modifiers. I was repeatedly carrying them, which is not a problem but it highlights the point that just because you’re lvl 30 doesn’t mean you’re done building your characters.

Then there’s penances. Sure you can complete a lot of them just by leveling up, but there’s specific ones aimed at every difficulty tier. And some of them can be pretty difficult to pull of, the Veteran’s “On Overwatch” comes to mind. In concept it sounds easy but pulling it off can take quite a few attempts. In a couple of weeks we’ll have even more to do plus some new cosmetics to earn.

And as another poster pointed out, why not just play for the fun of it? If you’re bored that is understandable given how the gaming community is these days i.e. they need a new fix twice a month or they get bored. And if that’s the case then just take a break until FS implements some of the features you’re looking for.

The reality is that the game released five months ago. I don’t know many games that add major updates such as levels and new classes/sub classes in under six months. Usually what gets released in the first few months is exactly what we’re seeing here, bug fixes, minor updates to tune the game and some new cosmetics.

Agree. There must be something to do after lvl 30.
When I played VT2, after reaching lvl 30 I got to work on unlocking all the cosmetics locked behind a difficulty level, after that I went to get all the reds I wanted, and after that I dedicated my playtime to try find the combinations of talents and weapons that I felt optimal/comfortable with. With every single hero/class. And still, the game felt kinda empty after reaching lvl 30, but at least I had something fun to do.

Here in DT we don’t have all those classes to try different combinations, the rng weapon system is so annoying that it’s not worth the time. Sure, if you get X weapon with X blessing you will have an easier time, but in reality it’s not worth the time, you can still do well in damnation without all that.

People definitely like to personalize their game experience, a bigger talent tree with with MEANINGFUL choices would definitely make a lot of people happy.

For the people who are saying to play the game for “fun”, have in mind that one can only repeat the same levels over and over again so much before getting tired, at some point it gets stale, and no, taking a break doesn’t fix repetitive gameplay and lack of options.

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