Progression ideas (just thinking)

After level 30 and obtaining orange weapons (and maybe red weapons in future) there is no more character progression, what if there was a score that takes into account the total rank of weapons and curios? For example, you put a threshold where the rank of your equipment also changes the effectiveness of the character, like if I have melee weapon grade 500, weapon from distance grade 500 and curios grade 150 each, I arrive at a total of 1450 rank, maybe this will increase my stats by x 1.45 (health, resistance, grenade / brain burst basic damage, thoughness) or do like in VT2 and make it possible to level up even more then level 30 (like 30+more levels) and use any excess level to increase basic stats (so the more you play, the strongest you are but with a limit of course), and you can also make sense of the penance score converting it into currency that can be spent to decorate the character (maybe with glowing cosmetics for weapons like in VT2) or spend them to increase the effectivness of the character abilities/talents (like you can add a percentage on chastise the wicked “zealot career ability” to make it to do +30% crit damage instead of 25%), then if you want penance points back you pay a reset in ordo dockets or whatever. I think this game has a lot of potential and I’d like to see it at its best. love FS <3

No it will make the game unnecessarily less challenging which is the fundamental fun fact for this type of game.

so, games with more progression are less demanding?