Fatshark please imrove your game to make it longlive

Hi all forum readers. This message is written to Fatshark devs, but if u have any adds or responce, don’t hesitate to share.
First of all a little bit about my relationship with your games, i have about 200 hours and 107/108 achievments at Vermintide 1, and already about 100 hours at Vermintide 2. Since i enjoyed the V1, without any doubt i bought V2, which i enjoyed too very much.
Here i’d like to share with my view of pros of V2, mostly in comparison with the V1:

  1. 15 careers which really make the gameplay more varied
  2. Talent system done as best MMORPG’s have
  3. More broad weapon and loot system
  4. Long maps, new enemies and etc…

Nevertheless, i have a feeling that game could be much more enjoyable to play, and here a few cons, which i noticed:

  1. Broken expirience system. I should properly explain you, what i mean. At V2 experience affects you much more than at V1, because it unlocks talents and upgardes your power and loot.
    And here is the situation, I can take any character (who can apply for Legend difficulty), go for any map and JUST RUSH IT. For example if i die after 4 minutes of running through map i get about 250 EXP. On the other hand i can play as normal Legend difficulty, finish the map with ALL tomes and grims, which would probably take about 30-40 minutes and game grants me with about 1250 EXP. It’s hilarious. Such unfair and unbalanced EXP system breaks all gameplay. I’ve got a lot of friends, who just rush Legend levels, get 250 exp by 4 minutes of gameplay, and by this way get up to 30 level and play game as normal.
    You should either increase exp granted for gameplay runs or fix enormous expirience granted for dying in for 4 minutes.

  2. Steam achievments.
    Fatshark you have done a great job with in-game achievments, but what the purpose of getting them if i can’t share my progress with my friends? You already have a great bunch of in-game challenges, just import them into Steam achievments. That’s definitely will increase game hours spent in your game.

Conclusion: For now i can get all characters level 30, do all levels at Legend and quit the game, sometimes playing it for doing daily/weekly quests. Fatshark i really liked and enjoyed what u have done, i want to spend more time in your game, but i have to make myself play it. Today the game, unfortunately, dosen’t motivate you to play it, you should motivate yourself. I really hope that you would listen up and reapir Experience system and add Steam achievments.

Cheers, see you in a game.

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Runs should take like 20 min tops if you’re checking out the scenery.

They said they wouldn’t be doing this because of how easy it is to falsify steam achievement completions.


Steam achievements also have a certification process or something, I believe that’s why Fatshark didn’t do that.

No the main point really was that they might be cheated the 2nd point was that it’s quite some work somehow and therefor not on the important list.

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u need 30min to finish a map? do u play skitter all day 24/7?
and even that map can be done in 15+ min full books, ofc if u get bless by RNG and spawn 0 mini boss

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Interesting, i personally leveled all characters couple weeks after launch to level 30 and never did it feel like the xp gain was too low. Personally my normal legend run takes around 15- 20 mins mby 30 most depending on the map.
When it comes to steam achievements i personally got 0 interest for those because the in-game challenges are more than enough to fill that part.


Take a look at global statistics of V1 achievements, hardest one are completed only by 1% of players. If situation with cheating is so desperate it won’t be so. So the point with cheating them sounds weak.

Have you ever, in all your however-many years of gaming, cared even a little bit about someone else’s steam achievements? I don’t even care about my own.

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If you want to quickly grind XP, just have someone host Legend FoW and die in the first wave.
That said, it is true most people on here barely remember the new-player experience, and it’s good to be reminded, but on the other hand it’s also a small part of the experience for longtime players.

Im just telling you what FS said, its not my personal opinion.

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What I was getting at is: Who cares if someone cheats their steam achievements? Nobody, maybe not even the player who cheated to get it, is ever going to look at them. Now, if the reason was “steam achievements are stupid”, I’d be totally on board with that.

Patch 1.5
End of level experience gains from difficulties beneath Legend now match those of Legend.

Thank you, FatShark, congrats community.

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