Can we have permanently more xp?

I managed to sell (again) 5 more units of this game to close friends, but here is the deal, i sell them by showing how intense legend matches are, its fast, crowded, visceral and the amount of things happening at once on the streams usually get them hooked, however, when we start playing they move on from the recruit too fast because i am assisting them in the learning curve, but thanks to the long slog that is leveling characters 2 of these people gave it up to play other things, coincidentally games where theres no level up required.

The ones that stood playing (we actually do play vt2 daily together) are the ones that managed to reach level 30 on the triple xp days, the others are so far behind and every match taking 25min and only granting half a level means they gonna be stuck on veteran and champion for a good amount of time and since everyone has limited free time (usually at night after their shift) they move on to other games.

Could we get some extra xp by default? or extra xp on twitch mode?
OR could lohner sell xp boost on the emporium?

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Long slog? All difficulties have the same amount of XP now unlike how it was on launch where Champion/Legend gave significantly more XP than the lower levels. It’s actually faster now to level up than it was 2 years ago. Also, tomes and grims rewards experience points.

What do you mean by this? Games where there is no leveling up or games where there is no level locked difficulties? FYI, there is no power lock on Legend deeds. You can invite your lower level friends and start doing Legend deeds.

This type of game isn’t for everyone and you do not know if the reason they left was because of the XP required and leveling system. People who like MMO games don’t like shooter games and people who like shooter games don’t like single player games.

V2 is a first person, melee focused, intense hack and slash game. I bought my brother this game but he said he didn’t like the style and he went back to playing Dark Souls. That’s okay. The game just wasn’t his cup of tea. Just like how I didn’t like Dark Souls when he bought me that game. I played it for a few hours and it was dissatisfying.

Believe me but it definitely took way longer to level up in 2018 until Fatshark made all difficulties have the same amount of XP gained.

There’s a power level lock for a reason so that new players can learn the mechanics of the game before making the jump to higher difficulties. All of the difficulties have the same XP gained so you don’t actually feel pressured into playing harder difficulties that person is not ready for.

If the complaint is about the power level requirement, you can bypass that level lock by starting a Legend deed.

Let’s avoid this please, anything but Ubisoft style nonsense


I don’t think this is “going the ubi soft way” they could put an xp boost on lohner emporium for what, 200 shillings, lasts about 5 matches.
i would appreciate that.

Well don’t mind me then, i am just the guy who asked them why.

Its just that i would appreciate if the process was faster

Fatshark did fix the XP gap by removing XP per difficulty to spreading the same XP gains through all difficulties. So, it doesn’t matter what difficulty you are on, you’re getting the same XP

Your lower level friends can join your Legend deeds if lower difficulties bore them.

Take tomes/grims for more XP

Idk how many times I have to offer you suggestions to take to your friends. Levelling now is immensely faster than it was in 2018.

And I really really wouldn’t. That’s a slippery slope to get started down, next thing you know we’d also have shilling boosts and packs for real cash

Make it permanent or increase XP boost events instead

I agree that leveling is really rudimentary and is a chore. While I do believe quickly jumping to legend might have bad consequences (like players struggling and being frustrated because of the big difficulty jump), I really don’t think leveling should take that long in Vermintide. Also I like your “XP boost for shillings” idea. It’s not P2W in any way, more ways of spending shillings and would fix the problem somewhat.

I’m all against P2W stuff, but how would real cash XP boosts harm anyone? They’re useless to long time players and might help newer players that are willing to spend. It’s just not that I’m a fan of XP boosts idea in the LONG run. I’d say Fastshark just should probably consider doing some polish on leveling/difficulty accessibility. This was a problem when I started playing 2 years ago and still is an issue to newer players as I’m witnessing all around the forums/reddit/discord.

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I am just worried that if an XP boosts for shillings model is successful, Fatshark could look at that and decide to expand upon it more with Darktide from launch, even possibly making it pay-to-win with currency packs etc.

I think bonus XP events work better because they tend to bring players to the game to check it out

Well, no way to tell for sure, so just don’t buy Darktide - that’s what I plan to do XD

Also, I’ve played a number of Leg games recently with a 35lvl WS, who didn’t know what that sanctum key for on Blightreaper what are books etc. Also what’s that strange noise he was hearing prior to receiving a sharp object in the butt, but he didn’t put two and two together. That said, will faster progression for shillings increase the amount of players like that? Maybe? Depends on the price - shillings are also something you grind for, so meh. Is it bad though? I wasn’t annoyed and had fun, so I cannot confirm it.

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Giving extra xp would be a good thing, as my opinion is that everything grindy detracts from the fun.
Skipping the grind through currency though is the worst thing ever - basically admitting the game’s bad, but if you pay some money it’ll be less bad.

Vermintide 1 was way less grindy, and for that reason alone a lot of my IRL friends played it, and could try nightmare with me from the get-go, and they didn’t even bother with VT2, because they didn’t see the point of the grind, and didn’t want to wait to be able to play something challenging together.

And as for the people saying that without the grind you’d have new players tackling the highest difficulties, well, it was like that in the first game, and the lobbies weren’t worse than this game’s.

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