Transfer Experience to Lower Level Characters from Main

Hello Fatshark,

Thank you so much for all your hard work so far on Vermintide. The game is getting better with each patch. I have one suggestion that I think could be helpful. Currently, I have two characters at level 30 whom I can use on Legend runs. My other three characters are in their teens.

I think it would be a good idea if when playing my level 30 characters I had the option to send their earned Legend XP to my other characters to level them as I play. This means I would still get to play with my friends who want to play on Legend without halting my progression on the other characters or having to play them on my own apart from my friends who have already maxed all their characters.

Thank you for your ears and have a great rest of your day!

Best Regards,

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Would you like Fatshark to wipe your butt too?

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That makes zero sense. Then your level wouldn’t be any reflection of experience at all. You could have a lvl 30+36456 slayer who’d never actually played Slayer before.

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Don’t count on it. Maybe do some champ runs until you get to 20. That should give you a reasonable chance in legend if your friends are decent players.

This can be simply limited to level 30.

It isn’t a reflection of experience anyway. A scrub who refuses to move into higher difficulties will be able to reach level 30 and still be a scrub with no real game knowledge.

The tacked on RPG levelling that tops out at 30 just seems like a waste of player time and an attempt to shoehorn RPG elements into a first person action game that doesn’t require it.

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