Teeth frame

I’ve seen a new frame thats basically a vampire mouth, how do you obtain that one? (And it isnt the devs sharkmouth one.) :slight_smile:

Its a vampire you have to get bitten by it :vampire: [simply win a game with someone with this frame]


Not that simple though.

If 1 player has the new portrait then only 1 player in the party who does not have the new portrait can get it!
If 2 players have the new portrait then the 2 players who do not have the new portrait will also get it.

How it look's like


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Damn this is cool looking

Is that the only way to get it or does it drop from chests as Well?

I think the “viral” spreading is the only option, as it seems to have originated on at least one FS employee, and seems to be meant to spread that way. No word on it from FS afaik, but all the info I’ve seen looks like it’s meant to be a vampirism curse of some sort or something like that.

Personally, I think it’s just a part of the Geheimnisnacht celebration, and the spreading will end afterwards, but we’ll see.


I think so yeah. Also I think this can be a pet social research project of an FS employee to get some metrics about QP activity or something like that.

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Not at all. Just 1 player has to wear this frame and everyone will get it after 1 win.
We´re 3 without it and a random joined 5m before the map ended. We got it all.

I spreaded it to 2 friends too and we didn´t had a 4th in our team.

I had someone join the party and also ended up winning the match and obtaining the frame. I wonder if the frame can still be obtained after the event ends? I am not sure.

Will be sad to see the new lighting disappear though. Its not perfect, but its nice. Some of the maps like Into the Nest seem to be washed out with a greenish Hue though, which seems like the effects isn’t perfect.

The green hue is very much on purpose, I’d say. Again, I’m not horribly familiar with the lore, but iirc, Morrslieb (the larger moon with a skull-like pattern on its surface) is pretty much made of Warpstone, the stuff that Skaven use to power their tech, and that gives the light it reflects (and maybe casts, too, as Warpstone seems to glow) to have a significant green tint. Look at the ice floats in Skittergate and it gets downright eerie.

During the end times, the skaven actually try and blow up the moon, dropping parts of it on the Lustria and Southern lands which wipes out everyone. The only ones who survive are the Slann and Lizardmen who flew away in spaceships the Old Ones left them.

Bretonnia and most of the west coast of the Old World was obliterated by the falling chunks of the moon.

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Anyone know if this is obtainable on Xbox and PlayStation?

Not xbox

What a bummer. Such a cool frame too

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