Forgotten Relics - Missing Illusions. 3rd time the charm

Yesterday we got new big news, we finally get the new illusions ! Awesome. How not awesome it was to login into the game and have half of the illusions missing even tho twitter post said it’s fixed. Because of the chance its personal problem I’m makin this post. No idea what info to post so I will be waiting for some assistance. I’ve only got blue glow and non glow of these variants. Still missing like half of illusions, those red glowy ones mainly.

Quit the game and log in again, that worked for me and others yesterday.

Still missing it. Even after hotfix.


U keep teasing us with those screenshots, those illusions. “Hey look, we are giving it to you” but at the end u dont. This is literally in steam store page… Isn’t that false advertising ? You made those illusions, they are in the game - whats the problem with giving them to us ? Since you already showed them to us and said we gettin those. C’mon. This is gettin boring.

Bro, calm down. I have them, many people have them, this is indeed an issue you’re having but you’re being unfair to FS.
If relogging didn’t fix it for you, wait for a community manager (@FatsharkJulia @FatsharkLev ) to look the issue up with you.

Please PM me the URL to your Steam profile.

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This is a weave skin though? It’s not supposed to be available for adventure mode.
Right? It would be kinda weird of only the Forgotten relic weapons had weave skins outside of weaves.


It is indeed for Weaves. @Myavo could that explain it?

Sorry for late reply, busy day. Saryk above said he has them and many people. I’m not sure if those are weave illusions. There are in steam store page screenshots and they were presented in the Forgotten Relics Illusions Update Blog. This debate is goin on from like Day 1 and I keep hearin we were suppost to get them. Some ppl say they have em, some ppl are shocked and say we shouldnt… Im confused on so many levels.

So to clear things up a bit. @Saryk are you saying you have access to the weave skins in adventure mode?

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Oh no, not the weaves ones.
Sorry if there was any confusion, but it seemed obvious to me that the weaves skins are not available in regular game as no other weave skin is.


So why u said u have them as reply to me showing screenshot of the illusion. Its shown in steam store page also was in the update blog. We were suppost to get them, so where are they ? I even asked this Day 1 and got an answer that we were suppost to get them…

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Yeah, and we do have the Weave skins, but they are only available in Weaves. The store page doesn’t say all skins are available in all game modes.

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The thing is that the original illusions we were suppost to get were weave style ones, not the same from weaves. But after a month they said they finally giving them for us, changed from the Weave Style ones to actual weave ones and now saying we shouldnt have them in adventure mode.

This isnt weave skin, its weave style one but not the one u get in weaves. We were suppost to get them. Why show them in screenshots if they arent something we get with purchase, they never show weave illusions for any DLC.

This is the biggest confusion of all times.

As far as I know, with the update we got 2 new illusion for every weapon, a red and a non-red version of the same new illusion. In the case of the torpedo it is the one upon which the first weave picture you posted is based.

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Excellent question. Clearly there has been some sort of misunderstanding/miscommunication here.
I don’t think we were ever supposed to get “red glow” skins for adventure mode with the Forgotten Relics pack, no other weapon has red glow outside of Weaves.

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Because I hadn’t paid attention to the picture, in fact I’m not even sure it was there when I replied.

Seing there are two weaves skins, I do understand the confusion ; but I still don’t think it is worthy of such a fuss. It is consistent, if not normal, that we don’t get weaves skins outside of weaves. You do get the weaves skins inside the weaves, and I think in this case they merely showed screenshots of the red highlight recolours of the normal blue highlight red weapons, and they shouldn’t have.
If anything, FS should remove this screenshot from the DLC’s Steam page.

Edit : it is indeed not even there at all, so this topic is even more irrelevant.

This image is not on the Steam page. Either they removed it already, or he got it from some preview stuff.

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They removed those versions of red glow and replaced it with weave illusions in steam store. Orginally they were there, day 1. Like showing “hey look what u get with purchase”, I even asked day 1 why we didnt get them and they said we should and that they will investigate. Thats my problem. They said we were suppost to get those, so why we didnt and all of sudden now we shouldnt get them ? … What changed ? Nothing.

There might have been some internal miscommunication, but still, we got a bunch of new illusions for them, I’d say that makes up for it.

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