Forgotten Relics - Missing Illusions... yet again

Can we finally get an official statement on this case? I haven’t seen it being mention or explained anywhere so I will make another post untill its clear. We were suppost to get every illusion, cosmetic from Forgotten Relics DLC upon purchase. No challenges, no extra stuff needed, no hooks. On steam store page there are screenshots of illusions we get with purchase, there are red weave style illusions presented there. Where are they ? No info about them, are they on those screenshot just to get more ppl into buying the pack ? False advertisement aint cool. Thanks for all the info, droppin some screenshots down below.


This is what im talking about, they are presented on store screenshots like “hey, look. this is what youre gettin with the purchase” but nope we dont.

Previous post was “acknowledged” which gives me a sign that its a bug and should be looked into.


Hedge said they will investigate which yet again gives me info that its a bug and we were suppost to receive them. Where are they ? Its been quite a while. Feels weird to be missing something we paid for.


@Fatshark_Hedge How’s investigation goin? I bet you guys have hands full of work but its been more than a month. And sorry for the bold ping. Just tryin to get some info.

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I appreciate this is a bit of a lame answer, but stuff is still in different pipelines regarding exactly this, we estimate to be able to ‘resolve’ this in the next week or two.


Not lame, rather sad. Lookin at recent health of the game I just hope Vermintide 2 won’t become a Forgotten Relic itself once Darktide releases. I appreciate the answer, atleast I know its on to-do list rather than being Forgotten. Thank you.

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