Forgotten Relics - Missing Illusions

Already reported this during the stream but I want to make sure it doesnt get lost. Sorry if that’s creating spam or something. On the steam store page screenshots there are weave style illusions for new weapons (not weave skins since those differ from the ones on screenshot). We were suppost to get everything upon purchase with no need of doin any challenges or anything to unlock it. The weave style illusions are missing. We only get the basic runic blue illusions.


So this is a bug? I’ve been asking the same question on the Steam forums and no one knows for sure if it is a bug or not. I assumed the third skin was an unlock but I have no idea how to unlock it.

According to devs its a bug, because you were suppost to get everything instantly upon purchase with no extra challenges needed. Asked on stream as well, got same answers, they “will investigate”.

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