Some illusions that i didnt recieve

Hey, i have bought forgotten relic dlc via steam several days before. And i realized that i dont have some illusions that listed at the photos on steam of dlc .

My steam profile: Steam Community :: çayeli

this is so redicilous everyone has this issue. should i always check what parts of dlc i got right after i bought a dlc ?

Hi @dbasce,

Which illusions do you believe are missing?

moonfire bow red illusion and all of Briar Javelins illusions (sisters of thorn dlc) and there could be more than i realize

Hi @dbasce,

We’ve checked your account in the backend and you appear to have all of the expected illusions.

As for the Briar Javelin illusions, these are unlocked as part of the Sister of the Thorn Cosmetic Upgrade DLC, which you do not currently own.

If you believe that illusions are still missing for you though, then please let us know the specific names of the illusions and I can get a Backend Developer to take another look at these specifically.

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