Illusions that i didnt recieve

Hey, i bought the Forgotten Relics Pack some days ago and cant find the Blueprints / Illusions of the Weapons. I found just one, the “trollhammer torpedo”. All the other Heros have no Blueprints of the relics…

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Hi @TuRRi,

I’ve checked your account, and can see that the Forgotten Relic Pack DLC is active on your account and that all of the expected weapon blueprints were added to your inventory on November 14th.

Please ensure that you are using appropriate classes when trying to craft the weapons.

  • Trollhammer (Ironbreaker, Outcast Engineer)
  • Spear and Shield (Mercenary, Huntsman, Foot Knight)
  • Griffon-Foot (Witch Hunter Captain, Bounty Hunter, Zealot)
  • Coruscation Staff (Battle Wizard, Pyromancer, Unchained)
  • Moonfire Bow (Waystalker, Handmaiden, Shade)

Thanks, but that does not solve the problem for me. When i logged into the game the first time i saw blueprints popped up (did not checked, which ones), but i can only find one of them (Trollhammer). It is the only red Blueprint i can find. All other caracters have only basic blueprints in their crafting-inventory…what can i do?

This is rather strange! I asked for a Backend Developer to check your account and they also confirmed that you have all of the expected weapon blueprints.

The only thing I can suggest, perhaps to rule out this being an odd UI bug, is to try switching to the legacy UI and seeing if you are then able to see and craft the recipes.

  1. Press the ESC key
  2. Select ‘Options’
  3. On the ‘Gameplay’ tab, scroll down to ‘Interface’
  4. Set ‘Old Menu Layout (Deprecated)’ to ON

Sry, still no Blueprints. Only Trollhammer…

@TuRRi, hmm, our Backend Developer is going to check again. In the meantime, can you please try uninstalling and reinstalling the DLC - any difference?

No difference at all after reinstalling. Whats next?

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