New SOB Strongbox dropped red (with purple glow) but the game ate it- SOLVED

Got a new conflig staff for sienna but the game doesnt show it in my inventory.

EDIT- its in the crafting menu you need to place any simillare weapon in the “apply illusion” for it to show up

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Please pop us a message at and include a description of the issue and the URL to your Steam profile, and we’ll look in to it.

Double check if you got the illusion for it instead of the weapon, I got a similar drop and it wasn’t actually the weapon-- only the illusion for one. (Might still be a bug in not receiving the weapon though)

Nope its not there :frowning:

Well that’s unfortunate. I hope support goes smooth for getting your stuff then.

thanks man

ok will do

It’s an illusion, someone mentioned on reddit that they had to equip the weapon they wanted to apply it to to use it (or maybe it was unequip it) either way try both of those things, equip the weapon you are trying to apply the illusion to and see if it works

youre right i see it now


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yup sorry lol didnt mean to give you guys a headache thank you for the help :smiley:

you were right the whole time lol thanks man

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