DLC chests are eating items and not giving the items to the player

Issue Summary: A friend and I opened some new DLC chests after beating The Pit on Legend. I got a purple hammer and shield, and some cosmetics. Now the hammer and shield and some cosmetics didn’t appear in my inventory. The only thing that did was a cosmetic for Bardin. So it never gave me the item despite it saying that it did. My friend also reported having some of his items eaten too. No idea why and extremely annoying.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Get DLC chest
  2. Open it
    3.Maybe your items will vanish.

EDIT: Found solution here. It’s not actually a weapon… Which is strange. New SOB Strongbox dropped red (with purple glow) but the game ate it- SOLVED

Correct, the Bogenhafen boxes only drop cosmetics, so hats, skins and illusions for weapons.

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Just to be extra clear, you have to pay attention to what weapon illusion you get and then apply it to one of your weapons that you already have. I took the Red illusion off my spear to apply the purple one from the bög loot.

So I guess, you can have noobs with blue weapons that glow purple XD Kinda cool

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