Veteran Item From Chest With No Veteran Illusion

Basically the description. I got a Veteran item from a chest that did not have a veteran illusion, instead, it came with the default weapon illusion. I did not screenshot it, but there have been other people reporting this as well (reddit).

This happened to me yesterday as well. Got a veteran rapier for saltzpyre from an emperor vault and it has the basic illusion, tried to switch it in the crafting tab, but I dont have a veteran illusion there either. This is on PC.

Just a quick update to say this should be resolved by the end of next week, but we’re aiming for Tuesday. It may be that the Weapon Illusion is not applied directly to the weapon, so instead you may need to locate it in your ‘Apply Illusion’ panel instead.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the reply Julia, I will save my chests until then in that case. No, unfortunately the illusion was not unlocked, I checked.

Apologies, I was unclear in my response - I recommend looking in the ‘Apply Illusion’ panel after Tuesday and it may be in there (as opposed to being directly applied to the weapon). :slight_smile:

Oh wow I didn’t think I would end up getting the illusion! Thanks for clearing that up, will do that!

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