Have you crafted an Illusion yet?

… or do they only come from Spoils of War?

When you get a weapon from Spoils of War, it sometimes comes with an illusion, which you can then extract for 20 scrap and apply to other weapons of the same type, if you want.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I know that.

Was wondering if a craft attempt could “proc” an Illusion?

Don’t know, didn’t happen to me yet, I think. But I guess it should be possible.

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Bump - anyone that have crafted an Illusion yet?

Yeah I had a Sword and shield crafted last night (Rare) and it had an illusion! The chances seems really low tho

Ahh great information - thank you Kingsman100!

Seems VERY low indeed. Been crafting alot and no Illusion-procs yet.

I’ll keep on trucking:-)

Higher rarity loot boxes seem to bring more illusions. Got more illusions and fancier ones from the Emperor’s Vault and General’s Vault than the boxes in veteran and champ.

I’ve never crafted anything with an illusion… But then again I haven’t crafted very many weapons from scratch either.

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