How many model is the shield only 1?
i don’t see different models
1 model shield 1 model hammer thats all?


All weapon types use the same base weapon models. When you gain a new weapon there’s a chance that they drop with an “illusion” which is a new look for the weapon. These can later be extracted and applied to any weapon of the same type.


I have an ax that says Illusion on it but im not sure what to do wtih that xD

You need to extract the illusionat the crafting menu, then you can apply it to another weapon of the same type. There’s a bug atm where funky things happen if you try to upgrade a weapon with an illusion.

oh ok

I got some weapons with Illusion tag, which looks EXACTLY same as the basic version (Satzpyre rep xbow). Is that a bug or the new model will appear later? Anyway, extracted it for the future)

So, that’s intentional? I thought that was a bug. Why you didn’t made different skins for weapons with different rarity, like in first game? And what’s the purpose of illusions, which have exactly the same appearance as “basic” model?

erm, they don’t? weapons with illusions on them look different than your base template weapons.

Not all of them. About a half of illusions i got so far have exactly the same appearance with basic skins.