Owned weapon issue

Pls help, I’m new to the game and I can’t equip owned hammer and shield even it says that is for iron breaker AND RANGER VETERAN witch I am. It says its owned but I can’t see it anywhere and I paid for it. Also don’t know how to equip it. I’m 4. lvl btw.

  • PC or console version ?
  • You paid what for it ? If you’re speaking about Lohner’s shop, you just bought an illusion for the weapon, which means when you’ll own a hammer & shield (through crafting or some chest) you’ll be able to give it a new appearance.
  • On pc, you can press “i” to go to your "i"nventory.

Friend gave it to me trough a gift, so its payed i guess. Its pc. So i got hammer but i dont have a shield, and when i get shield i will be able to give it a illusion appearance?

So he gave you “the game”. Then you’ll have to drop hammer & shield first. Before being able to use it.

If you’re low level you might not have unlocked it yet. You get weapons either by crafting from blueprints (brownish background in inventory, always 5 power level) or by the weapon dropping in a reward chest.

As for using illusions or weapon skins, it’s like Froh said. If you have a hammer and shield you can apply the illusion. You can’t have the hammer and shield equipped on any Bardon career when changing the weapon illusion.

Im playing now and i finally got shield and hammer. But still not able to use illusion even i own it…

You probably bought a weapon illusion from Lohner’s shop, right? That’s not the weapon itself, but it’s a skin that can be applied when you have an equippable version of that weapon. So, how this works:

  • First, you need to unlock the weapon type. You do this by leveling. Once you reach a certain level, a “Blacksmith’s” Hammer & Shield will be placed in your inventory. (Hammer & Shield is lvl 10 along with the Ironbreaker class, if I remember correctly, but I’m not sure.) It’s a power level 5 weapon, with a brownish background. You can equip it and use it, but it’s weak and has no bonus effects like the items you get from chests. It’s mainly used to craft better versions of this weapon instead.

  • So when you unlocked the “Blacksmith’s” weapon, you can now craft better versions of it. You do this in the crafting menu: “Craft Item” or something. You then select the “Blacksmith’s” H&S, and pay the materials required. (You get those materials from scrapping items you got out of chests.) Don’t worry: Your “Blacksmith’s” version won’t be consumed; You can use it infinitely. After crafting this way, you now have a version of the Hammer & Shield that has more hero power and some bonus effects. (When the new weapons you get have a power level higher than the ones you had, you can always craft a new one, and you can also upgrade or reroll the weapon with the other crafting options.)

  • When you have a version of the H&S you want to use, you can apply the illusion you bought from the in-game shop on it. You do that in the crafting menu with the option “Apply Illusion”. You select the H&S item from your inventory, and then you apply the weapon illusion you want from the ones you unlocked. Don’t worry: This costs a few mats, but when you have an illusion unlocked you can re-apply that as often as you want (and have materials to pay fro the cost). You’ll never lose it or need to re-buy the illusion from Lohner’s shop, or whatever.

  • Make sure that the weapon you want to apply the illusion on is not equipped, on any class. Because if so, it won’t show up in the crafting menu. If you can’t see it in the crafting menu, switch between classes to check if someone still has it equipped, and unequip it. You should also realize that the hammer you already have, has nothing to do with the “Hammer & Shield” weapon. The game treats them like completelty seperate weapons.

Hope that helps, since the system is a bit confusing…

You’ll unlock more illusions as you open more chests, by the way. Most of what’s in Lohner’s store can be obtained this way for free. It might be clever to save your Shillings for outfits and hats, of which some can only be gotten from the store. But do what you like. Happy hunting!


Thanks a lot! This really helped me!

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