Is there a blue light axe and shield skin for Bardin?

Wondering if and where the skin can be obtained.
I have done most challenges achievements etc and have still to see the cosmetic for the blue light axe and shield.

Anybody knows what the conditions are to get it ?

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You can only get it out of rewards chests randomly when you roll a “Veteran” (red) quality Axe & Shield. (Reds can only come from commendation chest, general or emperor Champion chests, and all Legend / Cata chests.) There are 2 different “glowy” weapon illusions for the A&S; The Axe looks the same in both of them but the Shield is different. One is a glowy version of the dwarven face with a beard that sticks out from the shield, and the other is a glowy version of the shield with a winged hammer on it.

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The Blue ones were from Boganhafen expansion originally.

What you’re looking for is called the Khazkarinaz.

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Hmm I will have a further look if I missed completing stuff there then.

No, the purple ones were. The purple one can be bought in the Emporium, I believe.


Well damn, I can’t seem to find the blue axe and shield red set then.
Maybe it’s a random loot I never got ?

It is indeed random loot. Really bad system to distribute those weapon illusions like that, but that’s not going to change anymore, unfortunately. Good luck!


I thought they were blue?

There goes my protanopia again.

Go through this list:
Bardin’s Axe and Shield/Illusions - Vermintide 2 Wiki (

Which are you talking about?

Ooh, should have thought about looking for a wiki, thanks.

Azamarkarinaz is the one I am looking for.
Guess I will have to open some boxes with bardin IB and pray or make a sacrifice of some kind.